Binary Domain: 16 Brand New Screenshots

Dualshock Nexus: If you haven't heard of Binary Domain, it is an upcoming squad based shooter game being developed by Sega Japan. We recently obtained sixteen brand new screenshots for Binary Domain. Check them out below.

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MikeTyson2483d ago Show
Rikitatsu2483d ago

This screens just shows how awesome the graphics in this game are:

and it even looks better in motion.

antauwnehart2483d ago

dude your expectations are really low!

pedrami912483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

And yours must be really high !

TheLastGuardian20102483d ago

Lol. As they say "Haters are gonna hate..."

That is all....

AlexCage2483d ago Show
SovereignSnaKe2483d ago

-i thought the second one from the bottom was taken from Vanquish, still, i will play this game!, i can't deny my love affair with big angry machines!!

zeal0us2483d ago

this game look a whole better than quantum theory and will probably be better than it. Comparing it to Vanquish, I dunno just yet.