CVG: Child of Eden: A Kinect Game Worth Attention From The Hardcore?

CVG: "Sure, the game throws themes of ecological destruction at you as you speed through its five levels (or Archives as the game insists on calling them, of which we've played three: Matrix, Evolution and Beauty) but while you're free to shoot at (or cleanse) the viruses engulfing your screen, it's an unseen force that's piloting your journey through them.

Not that it isn't a fun experience; the synesthesia element - crudely speaking, seeing colours as sounds, or vice versa - does at times make you feel like you're trying to destroy an Orb video (ask that guy who keeps trying to strike up conversations with bins in bus stations) from within."

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Tired2783d ago

Quite looking forward to this, will play my nephews and see if it's worth picking up.

cochise3132783d ago

Isn't this for the Move also?

Tired2783d ago

Yup...and in 3D.

Will look sweet on my projector! 120" of hd goodness. Mwah ha ha

NukaCola2783d ago

It's on PS3 and in vidid 3D HD on top of it. I do not know if Move was confirmed for it, but like the 360 version, they both use the controller. I am sure most user on either will just use the controller anyway.

As a rail shooter of vivid color explosions, I would say this is casual like music games are. Not a hardcore game, but definitely not shovelware either. It's a good in the middle game that anyone can enjoy, mostly kids I assume.

VampiricDragon_2783d ago

nope because its kinect optional

Tired2783d ago

The Ps3 version is coming out a couple of months later

lzim2783d ago

I'd want to play this in 3D but I don't know anyone with both 3D and Kinect.