Splash Damage CEO Would Love Brink Sequels

DualShockers writes: Brink developer, Splash Damage’s CEO, Paul Wedgwood, would love a series of sequels for Brink to come to fruition. That’s right sequels with an “S”.

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movements2458d ago

Let's see how this one turns out first.

GOODKyle2458d ago

100% agree. Just because someone loves something doesn't meant actual events will happen to cater to that "love".

fluffydelusions2458d ago

I hope it turns out good. I really loved ET on PC which BTW is where I'll be playing Brink also. Nice to see these devs give totally customized servers.

GOODKyle2458d ago

That's only for the PC version of the game right? The servers.

Ducky2458d ago

... which is exactly what he said? O.o

joydestroy2458d ago

i think it's gonna turn out very well. i'm hoping really hardcore at least lol it looks like a lot of fun. little over a week and we'll all find out!

antauwnehart2458d ago

Why would they want to do sequel to an unwanted game!

fluffydelusions2458d ago

I guess you should go back to Black Ops...

Eternus2458d ago

Dude, who ARE you, literally ALL of your comment history is commenting on random articles and trash talking?

antz11042457d ago

Keep up the useless trash talking and I'll keep voting you down for trolling. Working well so far!

El-Fenemeno12132458d ago

Is this game even out yet? 0.o But i guess if the game is a success and sequels will be full of improvements. Go ahead

Tripl3seis2458d ago

I can't wait for this game imo is looking very awesome just one week to go babiee!!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.
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