Silicon Knights on Too Human: We Intend to Finish the Trilogy

Remember Too Human? The game was released in August 2008 exclusively for the Xbox 360 and was supposed to have been the start of a successful trilogy on Microsoft's console. Unfortunately the game bombed, receiving only a 65 on Metacritic and selling just 168,000 copies in its release month.

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Godmars2902637d ago

And I'm sure my great-great-great-gandson will enjoy it...

Scyrus2637d ago

yeeah for real, it takes 10 year per game yet its just plain horrible lol, they need to give up and become cashiers lol

MitchGE2637d ago

Silicon Knights on Too Human: We Intend to Finish the Trilogy

Well... I don't.

xAlmostPro2637d ago

Maybe the next game is one of microsofts big announcements for E3..

Gears 3, forza 4, and too human 2 with kinect support :D

Joke :P They should really just quit with this game though unless they can be 100% sure that the next iteration will be amazing

NYC_Gamer2637d ago (Edited 2637d ago )

i have stayed away from these dudes ever since that weak metal gear gamecube port

green2637d ago (Edited 2637d ago )

I actually enjoyed Too Human. Game had a lot of potential but was let down by poor graphics, wonky animation and other problems. The controls, co-op and loot controls were really cool.

donniebaseball2637d ago

The concept behind Too Human was very interesting to me, but the execution was sadly very weak. They'll have to seriously retool the franchise if it's to continue.

death2smoochie2637d ago

Exactly. The idea behind it, the promise was there. They just failed to deliver fully. It was still a decent game. But it could have been so much better

soundslike2637d ago

They lost a lot of their budget because Epic Games fucked them over

they are very talented, just have bad luck.

Scyrus2637d ago


not to mention it took 10 years to make such a bad do you possibly make it that bad after Sooooo long

Elven62637d ago

They weren't actually developing the game for 10 years. They went through various revisions, if you look at screens of the PS1 and Gamecube versions of Too Human you'll see that the concept behind the game is different from the one that actually released.

The game had a lot of potential, I'm sure the issues with Epic didn't help the team much at all though.

TheDivine2637d ago

I agree i loved too human the story and world was awesome and i never gave up hope for the trilogy. SK make great games and if they add more story and choice it will kill. Most people hate because they expected dmc or hate the 360. TH was a great game w great ideas held back by overhyping and a few annoyances like deaths. I loved the control scheme myself way smoother than button mashing. If ms bring this, alan wake 2, fable 4, mero 2034, risen 2, kingdoms, xcom, and my most wanted game lost odyssey they will b redeemed, hell bring half of those and il b stoked.

Christopher2637d ago

I really need to finish the first. Just have been easily distracted by tons of other games, though.

BlackTar1872637d ago

lol the 1st came out years ago. You must have quite a back up if you still haven't gotten to games released 5 years ago ;)

Christopher2637d ago

It, honestly, is just that unremarkable of a game :( I haven't even gotten to playing LBP2 or KZ3 yet as an indicator. Just finished ME2 first playthrough on PS3 yesterday and plan to do another one though as a Sentinel.

BlackTar1872637d ago

yea i still have LBP2 on the back burner. As much as i loved the 1st game i had no excitement for #2. KZ3 as well although i didn't really like part 2 i tried again with part 3 got like 2 levels in and now its also on my back burner.

Tikicobra2637d ago

I'm glad to hear this. The first game had a fantastic premise, but the gameplay was weak. If they can improve the gameplay then they could have a great series.

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