Dirt 3’s £1m Ad Push Detailed

MCVUK: "‘High impact’ TV ads make up the centre point of Dirt 3’s £1m ad campaign.

Publisher Codemasters says its ads will run just before and after the game’s release (the title reaches shelves on May 24th) across major terrestrial and satellite channels.

“The TV campaign strives to create maximum cut through in a crowded space by daring to be different and to capture the attention of viewers to a uniquely Dirt 3 experience,” Codemasters brand manager Edward Newby-Robson told MCV."

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TooTall192756d ago

Dirt 2 rally was great. The baja truck stuff...not so much.

KeiserSosay47882756d ago

I don't think anything is as scary as dirt 2 rally races, lol. The fear of completely destroying your car and going off the track was definitely awesome. Cant wait for this one!

limewax2756d ago

anybody know what wheel support that has on PS3 version? Thats pretty much the deciding factor in a purchase for me

Daves2756d ago

Pretty much everything that's any good. Read on the DiRT3 forums that PC and PS3 support clutch and H pattern as well.

aaaaaaaaa2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

I always get worried when i see a games devs/publishers spend this much on advertising WHY! is there something to hide?
I remember f1 2010 full of bug and some were game breakers that never got fixed. I guess time will tell if they should spend this money on releasing a game that works how it was supose to, instead of half a job
DX11 out of the box as well hmmm

Knushwood Butt2756d ago

F1 2010 was terrible.

If I remember correctly, it didn't even have force feedback wheel support.

I made the mistake of buying it day 1. It's probably the game I have owned for the least amount of time (time between purchase and sale). I got rid of it quickly.

aaaaaaaaa2755d ago

At least you could resale your copy, mine was on PC download from steam(never again).
My copy worked fine until it got patched then no matter what i tried it never worked again and customer service from both Codemasters and steam is just the same as someone putting two fingers up in your face.

Last year 2010 i purchased almost 50 games for the PC and i would say about 20% of them wouldn't work as they should of out of the box not without a great deal of stress.

This year so far 2011 i have purchased 0 games i'm having to much fun reading about everyone else having all the stress in the forums

Knushwood Butt2754d ago

Sounds like you had a bad experience last year.

I just realised I was getting confused. I never purchased F1 2010. The one I had was the first one that came out on the PS3, so several years ago. Either way, it was garbage.

Pretty much everything about that game was poor. Again, long time ago, but I seem to remember being able to go from a stationary position, turn the wheel full in one direction, and then floor the gas, and the F1 car would just turn no problem like it was on rails. Garbage. That one wasn't even by Codemasters, but Sony Liverpool I think. I thought Codemasters had a better reputation. Maybe I was wrong.

Still, regarding F1 2010, I did hear some good things about it, so probably just the useless gaming media who don't know what they are talking about.

aaaaaaaaa2753d ago

Thats a strange one the F1 game you were on about made by Sony, Codemasters purchased the Ego game engine of Sony and the Ego engine v1.5 was the engine for F1 2010

I know its not important now I'm just wishing they would spend this £1m on making the game as best it can be and let the game quality sell the game for them.