The Rise, Fall, and Rebirth of the Fighting Genre

What happened to fighting games? They once were the drivers of the video game industry. They once dominated sales on home consoles, flew off the shelves, and changed the arcade experience forever. The early 90′s gave birth to the fighting game genre beginning with the release of the 2 most iconic franchises in the genre as well as the entire video game industry, Street fighter 2 in 991 and Mortal Kombat in 1992. Those 2 games sparked a cultural revolution that created a genre and a demand for more 2-D violence on screen...

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Statix2784d ago

"What happened to fighting games?"

People discovered you could kill people better with bullets than a sword.

antauwnehart2784d ago

Well MK9 isn't doing the fighting genre any juctice as opposed to games that are like ssf4, mvc3,blazeblue. MK9 still feels like mk vs dc which was piss poor!

antz11042784d ago

LOL are you serious? MK9 is hands down the best one yet! Bets are you didn't even play it.

The ones you listed are a joke in comparison to MK9, which is probably the best fighter this gen.