From Zombies to Plagas: How Resident Evil 4 Changed a Classic for the Better

“Where’s everybody going? Bingo?” Those four words started a revolution that changed the face of Resident Evil. Over a decade ago, the series surged in popularity when it stepped foot onto old cemetery grounds—that of the undead. Zombies.

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PRHB HYBRiiD2754d ago

resident evil 4 was awesome..beat the game 9 times..still have the save data on my gamecube memory card lol

athmaus2754d ago

Hmm intesting article, good read

Bear_Grylls2754d ago

"How it changed it for the worst" Fixed.

From RES4 onwards the series has been in free fall of horrible titles.

Hopefully the new RE game changes this and is looking like it just might.

Don't get me wrong RE4 was a good game, I just wished they called it something else and left the RE brand for zombies not pathetic parasites that are in now way scary.

KyRo2753d ago

I fully agree. While RE4 and 5 were pretty good games, they didn't deserve the RE name. I want fixed camera angles and tank controls back :(

Nathaniel_Drake2753d ago

No IMO RE4 was the pinnacle of the series and fright wise it went down from RE5, but was highly entertaining and worth the money and then some

IGAMEHARD2753d ago

this guy knows whats up

Evilryusam2753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

ಠ_ಠ RE4 was not the pinnacle simply a turning point in the series. RE4 was an amazing game, but was not what most true RE fans we're looking for. The early mock ups of RE4 that had Leon in a large castle with
a dark fog chasing him was far more appealing then what RE4 actually turnout to be.

Venox20082753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

nope, it's not better .. I liked zombies + fixed camera.. with fixed camera there was more horror, because you didn't know whats behind the corner.. from 4 to 5 it became a shooter with horror elements.. 5th is only a shooter...played it once just because to see a story (can't wait for Revelations) :))

YoungKingDoran2753d ago

yeah, who didnt love RE4?
however, it couldve been a spin off.
or better yet, half way through the game, when you think youve got everything worked out, BAM zombies AND plagas.
now that woulda been cool.

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