Grow Up Fanboys

At what point do platform wars go too far? Even the verbal bantering between two guys has unspoken limitations to it. For example, when you and your buddy are jokingly throwing obscenities at each other, sexual preference, mothers, and even the size of your member are not safe from being a part of the battle. However, if your mom died in a tragic car accident or you have testicular cancer, then those items are considered off

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CynicalVision2723d ago

Asking a fanboy to grow up is like asking the sun to not rise in the morning. Both impossible.

xxxAnubisxxx2723d ago

Now with news of over 12,000 credit card numbers stolen, the hits just keep on comin'.

artynerd2723d ago

Hahaha, too true. And the article's pic is all kinds of win, lol.

NYC_Gamer2723d ago

there is no reason for anyone to pledge loyalty to brands because we are only walking $$$'s to stock holders

xc7x2723d ago

the fanboy point is great,the PSN part seems a bit outlandish to say many hundreds / thousands etc will lose all the data / cc rating and money,when none of that is proven yet,in fact all sources saying otherwise for now. just stick to other part rather than sensationalize something unknown fully yet,it puts peeps on edge saying things without full facts.

xxxAnubisxxx2723d ago

Data was stolen. There was data for hundreds of thousands of gamers. Do the math.

BK-2012723d ago

yeah data you can find in the phone book or on facebook

mrv3212723d ago

I hacked PSN... no wait I looked in a phonebook and your facebook, I got a lot more information to.

TheRealWar2723d ago

oh snap! credit card info,bank account numbers, PSN usernames and hashed passwords can all be found in phone books now?

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Silly gameAr2723d ago

Why are these articles popping up again? Best way to ignore fanboys? Don't make articles about fanboys.

Lamarthedancer2723d ago

Fanboys will always be fanboys, in my opinion fanboys are not gamers. For example how could an Xbox fanboy call themselfs a gamer but not play on amazing games like Killzone, Uncharted, Littlebigplanet etc or a PS3 fanboy not play on Halo, Gears of War or Fable.


That's Fanboy from FREAKAZOID :D

Brings back childhood memories, it's great looking back on it and finding all the small adult refrences. Cartoons today are crap.

Jack-Pyro2723d ago

So does your mum =O


B1663r2723d ago

Wow you are gonna be down in the one bub ghetto with me real soon;P

DNAbro2723d ago

i think you just proved what a fanboy is

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