GamesRadar: White Knight Chronicles II Preview – Does This Series Deserve a Second Chance?

GamesRadar: "At first glance, WKCII looks nearly identical to its predecessor in interface and design (although the graphics overall are slightly nicer), which makes sense given that it takes place only a year after the events in the first game. We're told that all the base mechanics and features have been left intact, but lots of tweaks and improvements have been added to make combat more interesting. One of our biggest problems with the combat in WKC was that despite the huge lists of attacks that each character could learn, they all felt more or less the same.

Level 5 is attempting to rectify this by making your physical position actually have an effect in the real-time MMO-style battles, so that instead of doing the same amount of damage wherever your character is in relation to the enemy, your proximity and the range of the attack you use actually matter. You can stay back to avoid enemy melee attacks and try to pick them off with ranged attacks, or use an attack that quickly darts around to the enemy's rear and strikes from behind. Battles have also been sped up quite a bit, and your action gauge always starts at full whenever you enter combat, instead of taking time to power up."

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edub10262787d ago

Is this WKC2 or a continuation of the first WKC. Upon finishing WKC I thought this was a continuing story. I felt WKC wasn't given a chance. The game was released and reviewed a year after it came out in Japan.
For the people complaining how the game looks.
I would rather have a mediocre looking game that's fun and runs smoothly than a pretty that's boring and has hick-ups.

Omegabalmung2787d ago

Yeah it continues from WKC. WKC2 also has an updated battle system and comes with WKC1.

edub10262787d ago

So it's not a true sequel.

xTruthx2787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

Yes it is and wkc looked good, Don't know y anyone would say they didn't look good

Kamikaze1352787d ago


The character models in WKC look horrible. The environments look nice and the monsters look "alright".

rob60212787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

I thought the graphics were pretty solid on WKC1, sure they don't have the character models of FF13 - but the game is all together a good looking game.

WildArmed2787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

WKC1 looked good.
wasn't the best, but it did well for a JRPG. I really like the art-style they choose. Worked well.
WKC1 had a great online aspect to it, loved it. So def. looking forward to WKC2

and lol @ edub
True Sequel?

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LordMaim2787d ago

Level 5 deserves another chance. Maybe not with this series, but Rogue Galaxy could use a sequel for sure.

YipMan862786d ago

I love WKC. Spend more than 100 hours playing that game :)
WKC II is already preordered.