White Knight Chronicles II gets new screenshots

TVGB: "This summer’s PlayStation 3-only White Knight Chronicles follow-up has received a few handfuls of new shots today, showing beasts big and small."

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FamilyGuy2633d ago

If you like jrpgs BUY THIS GAME

It's as simple as that.

2633d ago
_Empath_2633d ago

Didn't buy the first one idk if I'm going to buy this one. Does it have good music? Is it like FFXII?

the_kutaragi_baka2633d ago (Edited 2633d ago )

IMO is best JRPG in this gen.

huge range of customization, exploration, many many quests for offline/online play, and has a decent storyline..but's as best JRPG after all.

Tdmd2633d ago

I kind of agree, although there isn't much competition, is it? :)

Myze2633d ago (Edited 2633d ago )

Valkyria Chronicles may be a SRPG but it's still a JRPG, and while WKC is very much underrated, VC is far superior.

Also, Persona 4 came out this generation, although I guess it didn't come out on a "next-gen" system, but if you count it, it's the best JRPG in a long time.

WKC has a lot of good things, but the fact that the story is borderline bad, really really hurts it for me, as that is the most important part of an RPG to me. Also, the gameplay was painfully slow quite often (not just the amount of grinding involved, but the animation and such), but I think that is something they are working on fixing in the 2nd one.

That being said, I am greatly looking forward to the 2nd game, and just hope it don't take near as long to get to the US as the first one did.

TheDivine2633d ago (Edited 2633d ago )

No nothing like ff12 i bought it thinking that and from a huge jrpg fan it sucks. If u like mmos u might dig it but the singleplayer was boring and slow. If u only hav a ps3 its the best rpg behind v chronicles but if u hav a 360 get lost odyssey, blue dragon, in undiscovery, last remnant, magna carta2, or tales of vesperia instead. This was the biggest dissapointment 4 me as level 5 usually makes great games. The second does look better and i heard they sped up combat so il giv er a go but dont expect ff12, rouge galaxy or an epic jrpg or ul b dissapointed.

zackacloud2633d ago

Best rpg i ever test in ps3

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