Iwata: Wii sales not "seriously affected" by Microsoft's Kinect device

Nintendo Universe writes:

Satoru Iwata, Nintendo President and CEO, has commented during the recent Financial Results Briefing that the company has not seen Wii sales “seriously affected” by Microsoft’s Kinect, due to a lack of “hit titles” for the controller-free motion device.

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DiRtY2784d ago

So what is the reason that xbox outsold Wii 2:1 last quarter?

Just_The_Truth2784d ago

maybe because the wii is 5 years old and everyone has a wii already

StifflerK2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

Everyone I know who owned a Wii sold it, myself included.

Kinect is a damn site better for casual games then the Wii, and funnily enough it feels more accurate.

It also works out cheaper ( for 4 player games ), you don't have to bother with charging batteries , or telling your Gran which button to press every five seconds, and you don't have a mountain of cheap plastic peripherals building up next to the telly.

Also the launch games were pretty good ( for casuals at least ) Kinect sports >>> Wii sports, Kinectimals >>> Nintendogs, Fitness evolved >>> Wii fit , and there's plenty of good stuff to come.

Like Child of Eden, UFC trainer, Project Draco, Haunt, Rise of Nightmares, Once upon a Monster, Gears of war Exile, Dance Central 2, Steel Battalion, Powerup Heroes, Fruit Ninja, Gunstringer, + Codename D .

Alan Wake 2, Deus ex, and Forza 4 are all kinect enhanced.
Plus MS have just opened a new studio who are making a AAA fps for kinect.

There'll be hundreds of games once the indie developers start releasing them ( this year also.)