Double Dragon has evolved on iPhone (Review) (Examiner)

JI writes: "Double Dragon is a Legendary franchise born in the Arcade and on the Nintendo NES that became a cornerstone for the entire 'beat-em-up' genre. Double Dragon for the iPhone/iPod Touch is a re-invention of the classic with a few new twists and Game Center support, Facebook and Twitter support. Play as the Lee brothers in Dragon, Double Dragon, and Time Attack Modes while unlocking over 20 more playable characters."

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YEA!! i used to play this game so much back in the days!! oh how i missed thee

Hitman07692782d ago

I definitely missed it as well. I'm glad they remade this. It came out great.


thats cool! the review was enough for me to get it!

Dart892782d ago

I use to play the shizznit out of this game back in the day my how time flies.

Godmars2902782d ago

Just a reminder that HD consoles don't do sprite gaming. Can't simply do a mid quality game like this without making it a expensive big deal.

miyamoto2782d ago

That music is undeniably Double Dragon!

I love beat 'em ups:
Double Dragon
Final Fight
Streets of Rage

Hayabusawoman132782d ago

great review makes me want to get the game :)