Insomniac: Resistance 3 Announcement Coming Tonight

Resistance 3, the latest entry of the PS3 exclusive first-person shooter, will release this September and those that bought SOCOM 4 will gain access to an online beta shortly. However, Insomniac has another announcement related to the Resistance 3 that shall be made tonight.

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farhsa20082781d ago

Cant wait, my favourite FPS ever.

Dart892781d ago

I agree man i just started playing the first one again today since psn is still down and i can't use the online which is a shame:( cuz the online is very fun.

Nitrowolf22781d ago

i really hope 3 makes the online like 1. I really don't care if PS3 has ingame xmb and buddy list and everything already, i still prefer it ingame like it was in R1. They completely removed the lobby system in 2, which just ruined it for me.
R1 had a great lobby system

xAlmostPro2781d ago

I liked resistance fall of man(although didn't have my ps3 connected when i first got it/my ps3)..

I felt that resistance 2 was kind of like they just rushed it, made things bigger and even removed a few good features..

Resistance 3 however.. WOW it looks amazing :D they've took their time, looks pretty, kept FoM good features(or brought them back) and yeah :D cant wait!

From the multiplayer gameplay it looks like it could be ps3's competitive fps game.. kind of like halo is for the 360

Anyways im hyped for this game :D

warrior99882781d ago

i hope its something awesome

elite-shot2781d ago

Tonight for america or uk or what!?

Nitrowolf22781d ago

USA since G4 is based on America so

Sevir042781d ago

I simply cant wait to play this game! sptember 6th 2011 cant come soon enough!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.