PlayStation Network Fiasco: PS3 Price Cut Could Be 'Nice Olive Branch'

PlayStation Network will be resuming at some point this week, and while Sony has already talked about its "welcome back" program, perhaps the best way to get positive attention again would be to slash the price of the PS3, Lazard Capital Markets analyst Colin Sebastian commented to IndustryGamers.

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NewMonday2661d ago

One big thing they didn’t offer was double\triple exp for online games; this will entice players to go back on their "fix" really fast.

B1663r2661d ago

That assumes the junkies don't go to the other dealer down the street who doesn't run into dry spells like this, and oh yeah, their junk isn't cut at much.

MysticStrummer2661d ago

That dealer makes you pay twice for your buzz. No thanks.

Headquarters112661d ago

14 times xp for being down 2 weeks would suffice :)

xc7x2661d ago

they should allow gamers to swap stuff,like if not interested in Plus or the music service,give just downloads in place of those.

Focker4202661d ago

Tokyo Game Show will be where they announce the price cut.

donniebaseball2661d ago

I really think they need to do it before TGS. Both MS and Nintendo are likely to cut and that's going to put further pressure on Sony.

Pillville2661d ago

Why would they thank PSN users by cutting the price of something they already own?

Solidus187-SCMilk2661d ago

a price cut might entice wary potential customers to buy a ps3, but it wouldn't do squat to the people who are actually effected by the PSN hack as those people already own a ps3.

Holeran2661d ago

I own a fat 40 gig and I'm thinking about getting a slim for my bedroom to go with my 40 inch tv. I would bite.

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The story is too old to be commented.