New never before seen Dragon Ball title to be released this fall for Xbox 360 and Ps3

New Dragon Ball title like we have never seen before?

*Image is from Dragon Ball Z Zenkai*

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TreMillz2780d ago

Geez namco just doesnt learn do they? They need to drop whoevers making their DBZ games and put Cyber Connect 2 on it. Their Naruto games have been nothing but epic.

Chaos692780d ago

Namco Bandai listen to this man ^

RedDead2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

I hate those Naruto games. They're so cheap. They look great in every way but the gameplay is so shallow. Through and through Fan only game, and I am a big fan of naruto.

Oh and to below saying CC did a good job with telling the story, they did a terrible job at that aspect, and it's not even their fault. The story is just way to long to do in a game. Alot of people don't know what going on in it, they did a few parts decent and the fight cutscenes were great, but actual story telling was not good. You have to have seen the series to know what's really going on.

Blaze9292780d ago

@RedDeadDestroyer is right.

CyberConnect can do amazing things with visuals but as far as gameplay goes they pretty much suck. Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 got old and boring real fast and for a fighting game, it's ridiculously lacking in the most important aspect - the fighting.

Then for story mode, they get lazy sometimes and don't add the outfits that are supposed to be there, don't make boss fights that are supposed to be boss fights or FIGHTS for that matter.

NamcoBandai doesn't need CC2 to make a DBZ game. They just need their damn engine.

TreMillz2780d ago

@Blaze i fail to see how they got lazy with the story, its not like its their original story they have to follow the anime guidelines. Sure they made sasuke vs bee battle seperate from the main story but it wasnt that bad. Gameplay wise it doesnt suck. it sucks that theres only one attack button but its still good.

Kalowest2780d ago

I like CyberConnect2 and i believe they do make good/great Naruto games. The DBZ games this gen have been some shit.

WildArmed2779d ago

I love what CC did w/ UNS franchise.
What ever they'd do w/ the DBZ franchise, it'd be a step up.

Thou I gotta say N:UNS2 was reaaallly unbalanced lol
Fun as hell to play though

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NYC_Gamer2780d ago

these games have all been very much the same

Commander_TK2780d ago

Budokai 3 will always be the best.

WildArmed2779d ago

Loved that game.

I think Tenkachi 2 or 3 was pretty good too
(don't recall the exact number)

Dart892780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

This is old and i think it's only on arcade machines.

yea and i don;t get why someone would disagree with me.

radphil2780d ago

You're right. It's only arcade as far as I saw on it a while back.

There was no mentioning of a console release.

radphil2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

Wow. Guys look on the JPN sites on this game. It's arcade 4p. -_-

The screenshot for the article is a dead giveaway.

KillerPwned2780d ago

This game looks pretty cool.

Nitrowolf22780d ago

DBZ has really gone downhill for me. I wish they would retrun to it's anime style with full story instead of small parts of it. Here i was hoping the guys over at CyberConnect would pick up the title and do what they did for Naruto for this game.

chidesd2780d ago

I really wish they would make a good DBZ game. Budokia 3 was the best/last good one

swishersweets200312780d ago

Budokia 3 is the best. DBZ inc. doesn't listen to its fans, it just see's $. Look how that movie turned out. Horrible. The games rehash the same thing every 6 months expecting the fans to buy it. I used to worship this franchise but now i think its just a waste of time.

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