PS3 Hack leads to deep Price Cuts?

Sarcastic Gamer writes:

"The PS3 hack is being used as an excuse for all the bad things happening in the world right now. Video game jokesters are even claiming that the Navy Seals were finally able to find and kill Osama Bin Laden after his location was leaked as part of the PSN breach. But could it also be the reason behind the recent price drop on Portal 2 at some of the major video game retailers? "

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Stevo912760d ago

Oh no price cuts what will we do :O *sarcasm*

Istanbull2760d ago

oh no Zony iz ze doomz... again

fedexas2760d ago

Sonyz doomedz! Prices downz, prices downz! \o-o/

These articles never cease to amaze me.

sycnation2760d ago

it does a bit of reasoning behind it, BUT!
what was the excuse when homefront went cheap-real fast...

Jaxboxchick2760d ago

*Shrug* I'm a podcaster not a full-time journalist. Maybe the Homefront people needed money faster because somebody's Mom was in jail or something. Lower price = faster bail money?

user98412882760d ago

NO NO NO you got it all wrong. The price drop was because they're trying to get rid of all those games before the world ends. Which the Mayan believe should be around the end of this year or Q1 of next.

Armyntt2760d ago

Where did this "z" after words come from? Its gay. Gone the way of pwn. Its like nerdy game talk or something.

lochdoun2760d ago

At this rate, Skyrim will be $20 one week after release!
Definitely not buying games at launch anymore.
I waited on Portal 2 and got it for $30. ;]

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