How Long Until Osama Bin Laden Shows up in Call of Duty?

Game Rant writes, "If you haven’t heard the news, hide and seek champion Osama Bin Laden was confirmed dead last night, killed by U.S. Navy SEALs. President Obama made the announcement last night, resulting in crowd-surfacing people in Captain America costumes.

With worldwide buzz-topic news like that comes those who wish to make money off of the event, and as such, there’s already word of studios fast-tracking Bin Laden related films. How long do you think it’ll take before one of the mainstay FPS video game franchises includes a mission where you’re a special ops soldier assigned to breach Bin Laden’s compound to capture or kill him?"

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Istanbull2785d ago

MW3 is locked with the story of MW2.

After MW3 Treyarch will make another trash game but with Osama, 100%

MintBerryCrunch2785d ago

uhhh how about NEVER

MoH tried to depict the enemy as the taliban and look what happened...the media took the story and distorted the hell out of it talking about how we are letting our kids kill US soldiers with try putting bin laden in that place with a gun and your game will get matter how big you are, even CoD

ComboBreaker2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

Cheney: "10 years and we still haven't found Osama."

Bush (serving Cheney): "F*ck it, let's just tell the world that he's dead."

Obama (serving Bush): "Yes, my lord."

On a serious note, why did they buried him at sea? Shouldn't they confirm his identity first? You know, make sure it's not a double?

captain-obvious2785d ago

i can see it right now

a call of duty that goes in Afghanistan
and at the end you kill Osama

you've heard it here first

metsgaming2785d ago

if that happens i might actually buy a cod game !

Spinal2785d ago

While Osama is chilling in Dubai drinking a bud with his new name Muhammad Abura.

As the news reports his body was buried in the sea lol. So no body can be seen by the public eh? k....

Raven_Nomad2785d ago

The US agreed to adhere to the Islam rituals that state you need to be under the water or in the ground in 24 hours.

If he were truly alive, I am sure he would aim to make the US look bad by making a video. He is dead. It's been confirmed.

Would love to be the guy who takes the slow motion shot in a COD game.


Spinal2785d ago

@Raven, Dude the Bush family is friends with the bin Laden family look it up. LOL why would he come out an make a vid that hes alive when he was part of the plan with the U.S. to start the war.

The U.S. gave him a new identity and now years later pretending they killed him. If he was really an enemy they would have done him Saddam style. They didnt listen to the Rituals of islam then did they?

rogimusprime2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

I'm pretty sure Saddam was hung after the Iraqi people found him guilty. I actually have the video on my hard drive of him falling through the gallows.

It's best that he be buried at sea. No country wants his remains, cause they know it's just going to cause fanatics to try and take action against him.

ANYWAY, I don't think anyone is going to have the stones to put him in a game anytime soon. Took 50 years to put Castro in a game and that STILL pissed cuba off.

We just saw how quickly EA backed down from including the Taliban in Medal of Honor.

sandip7872785d ago

oh and i see they adhered to the rites of shooting someone in the head?
now im not saying he aint dead, im just saying its weird how this has all gone down. no pictures or nothing

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Dsnyder2785d ago

Hide and seek champion? He was only wanted for like 10 years. What about people on FBI's most wanted from the freaking 1900's? God people are stupid.

socomnick2785d ago

Tupac hiding since 1994.

FamilyGuy2785d ago

With Obama and U.S. soldiers finally off their couches because of the psn issues they finally had time to go kill Osama.

And that's exactly what happened -_^

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iamnsuperman2786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

A while..... Osama is dead but all he stands for is still strong. It's (Islamic Extremist) to sensitive for the public to accept yet in a Video Game form. Maybe so low profile low quality game and that you kill Osama but as a quality and publicised game not for a while or maybe never.

Focker4202785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

But a game that claims Kim Jong Il is dead and his son becomes a ruthless dictator hell bent on destroying the world was perfectly fine, right?? At least Osama is dead, these other 2 are currently alive and are way more intimidating than Osama could ever dream of being.

Its not like Osama is currently alive and could retaliate. You really think islamic extremists would kill a bunch of game developers simply for stating the truth?? Something tells me game developers aren't high on the priority list for potential targets.

soundslike2785d ago

I'd rather play a game sent to Trump's compound tbh

tigertron2785d ago

Thats what you get for camping so long.

*Buddum tish*

Spinal2785d ago

lol you went all the way for that one :)

oddexarcadia2785d ago

Bubbles. That was mad funny bro! Thanks for the LoL.

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