PlayStation Network Needs to Be 'Centerpiece' of Sony's E3 Presentation

PlayStation Network's breach has been a huge blow to the brand and Sony's image, but the good news is that E3 is right around the corner and Sony can take advantage of the spotlight the E3 press conference provides to impress gamers and further restore confidence in PSN. In some sense, it could be argued that this is one of the most important E3 Expos in the history of the PlayStation business.

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xc7x2784d ago

i sort of agree but i'm not like most who are pissed off about the whole PSN hack although i think Sony needs to do more PSN PR to peeps who are more sensitive than me.

donniebaseball2784d ago

Yeah even if they don't make it the primary focus, there's no avoiding discussing it at E3. They will have to devote a chunk of time during the press conf to further address users' concerns.

Washington-Capitals2783d ago

they need to revamp the PSN experience, learn from what Steam is doing on the ps3. Portal has cross game chat and invite. PSN should as well.

Joni-Ice2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

PSN will be the centerpiece. PSN is going to be what brings everything together such as PS3, PSP, NGP, tablets, cellphones, Media Go, etc. There will be some major announcements such as NGP but PSN will be centerpiece that brings it all together. They would have to reassure customers that PSN is safe and the Playstation brand is the way to go.

MostJadedGamer2783d ago

I totally disagree with this article. The only thing I care about is games. If PSN is the centerpiece of Sony's E3 conference it is going to be a very boring conference, and a disaster.

xAlmostPro2783d ago

I agree and disagree.

I'd say they could really do with a new feature or promote some new D/L only titles to boast about on the network like "And with our all new secure network, we've decided to bring something new"..

However i don't think they should mention the hacks or intrusion specifically at all..

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xYLeinen2784d ago

Everyone is pissed at Sony and I'm honestly clueless why. There is no proof they had bad security and it was one of the biggest hack groups who attacked them.

You really think Xbox live or any other online network would be safe if a group like that purposely tried to hack them?

BabyTownFrolics2783d ago

if your clueless as to why people are pissed I dont know what to tell you. It sounds more like your personally not upset by the way sony responded to the situation. I am not looking to start an arguement, its just that if your personally satisfied with the way sony responded it does not then negate the way others may feel.

wow this shit is getting boring

BabyTownFrolics2783d ago


i want nothing from sony and I want you to calm down.

fedexas2783d ago

How about you calm down first?

fedexas2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

BabyTownFrolics : How the heck did you expect them to react? They did a thorough investigation on the situation, closed the network down immediately and informed customers after the investigation. They apologized, offered free stuff...I mean what else do you want? A sacrificial lamb? Hail Marys?

Kran2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

Yes... of course it does.

Forget Uncharted 3 footage.

Forget a God of War 4 announcement

Forget all the exclusives that'll be announced.

Sony needs to talk about the PSN and how they have improved it, where a bunch of gamers and press alike probably wont have a clue what the heck they're talking about because all they care about and want is the freaking content!!!

..... Wow. Ive turned into a dick :(

Dsnyder2783d ago

No. The last E3 was goo but they spent half their tme talking about Move when I wanted to hear about games and not cheap gimmicks. Not saying PSN is a gimmick but I dont want to hear about PSN at E3 unless there is some sort of upgrade. Bring on the games.

Tired2783d ago


'Good afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen


Now look at the cool sh*t!'

Ninver2783d ago

Erm NO! i think they've covered it enough. All we need now is a confirmation of when it's live. Keep E3 a game centered event. After all thats what we're all here for right?

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