Fifty-eight Madden NFL 12 Screens

GamersHell: Electronic Arts sent us a huge batch of screenshots from Madden NFL 12 illustrating this game that marks the 23rd edition of the video game in franchise history. Madden NFL 12 is developed in Orlando, Florida by the EA Tiburon studio and launches in August 2011.

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RyuDrinksTheDew2754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

the lighting is better, as does* the grass...

...but thats about it.

they still need to fix the QB throwing animations.

as well as the WR catching animations.

NoobJobz2754d ago

Basically all animations need to be redone. They're awkward looking.

krauley2754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

I dont know why so many are vocally negative against ea madden. Every year there is enough improvement over the prior year IN MY OPINION to get me to buy a copy. But if there wasnt i would simply not buy it. If i had positive ideas on how to improve the game IN MY OPINION i would head over to ea's forums and pass them on, at the very least post them here. But to just come to each and every thread with the same ole' madden bashing is just a needless waste thread space.IN MY OPINION.

This was not directed @ RyuDrinks but at others that WILL come to this madden thread.

NoobJobz2754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

Were negative against Madden because Madden used to be so good. Every Madden on next gen systems have been mediocre. I don't hate on the series. I loved Madden 05 and madden 06 (xbox). These "next gen" Madden games are inferior to the last gen.

I remember getting Madden 06 (xbox) and loving it and when they announced Madden 06 for 360, I almost lost it. A next gen Madden 06?!?!?!. What I got instead, was a piece of poop.

thugbob2754d ago

Madden doesn't make improvements at all. Look at madden 11. They didn't touch franchise mode or superstar mode at all. They was so focused on promoting that quick play gimmick which was really just the ask madden feature. Madden 12 all they are doing is improving presentation when they should be focused on improving the game itself. The problem with madden is that it doesn't simulate football. It's all about finding that one play that always work or that on player who is the master of the juke. Madden needs to get rid of suction blocks and suction tackles. Receivers and Corners need to be jostling for position down field. The A.I need to be able to actually pick off passes. Catching animations, tackling animations, throwing animations, stiff arm animations, breaking tackkles animations, all animations in general need to be redone to the point where it looks realistic for once. There are many upon many more things that I wrong with the core game play with madden that I can't bother to go into. Not to mention the game modes. Franchise and Superstar modes need to improve drastically. Those modes have hardly improved over the years. Another thing wrong with madden is that one year they bring in a feature and the next year they remove it... QB vision anyone? Madden needs to take 2-4 years off in order to make a football game that they should had since 06. People keep buying the so EA will continue to be lazy so whatever. I'm just waiting for the day when EA's exclusive license runs out...