Peter Molyneux Talks Commitment to PC Gaming

Occasionally vilified for overhyping new releases, Molyneux has spent 27 years of development on gaming’s front lines and hasn’t slowed his ambition -- or his willingness to buck trends. With his latest creation, the fantasy roleplaying epic Fable III, Molyneux talked to DIG about his commitment to grand, all-encompassing experiences -- and home computers.

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pr0digyZA2759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

Aah trying to get some sales for Fable 3 I see, too bad I'm getting the Witcher 2.

JimmyJames702759d ago

The Witcher 2 does look very good. Can't wait for that one.

zootang2759d ago

Just started PC gaming and I am really enjoying it so far. Looking for the good exclusives to play like Stalker and Cyrostasis.

sonicsidewinder2759d ago

imense zootang. It's awesome just finding pure deals for a pc game.

gonna be playing the new Mount and Blade tomorra!

JsonHenry2759d ago

A lot of talk about devs pushing PC titles lately.

sonicsidewinder2759d ago


A port of a game that was considered to be dumbed down on console?

The only other game out of microsoft i know of is AOE: online which i don't know what to make of.

1 and a half games for PC. Commitment.

tommyth3cat2759d ago

Make Black & White 3 if you are so committed.