Jack Tretton Interview: CEO Insists That the PS3 Remains 'Relevant'

From Washington, D.C. to Foster City, California, the word of the day is, apparently, "relevant." An embattled President Bush used the R-word yesterday morning during a press conference to explain why he decided to veto a children's health insurance bill supported by both Republicans and Democrats. That's why it echoed in our minds during a conversation yesterday afternoon with Sony Computer Entertainment America CEO Jack Tretton, wherein he used the word "relevant" ten times in just 12 minutes while referring to the similarly besieged Playstation 3 and its predecessor. Was this a confident recitation of the facts or merely a wishful talking point?

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Meus Renaissance4075d ago

I dont buy the whole "if you want to play PS2 games, get a PS2 console because its so cheap".

The whole point of BC is so you don't need two consoles to connect to your TV and switch between and the cables constantly. But nevertheless we'll see how well the 40GB does.

BloodySinner4075d ago

Yay! We have a smart person here with a SMART comment. Bubble for you, sir.

nix4075d ago

don't give it to him... he already has enough! q:

give me some.. give me some! q:

Marceles4075d ago (Edited 4075d ago )

$500 for the 80 GB, $400 for the 40 GB...this actually should give people more of a reason to get the 80 GB for its backwards compability, 40 extra GB, and memory card slots. The only people that would buy the 40 GB model is someone who desperately wants a PS3 now that saves $100 bucks every week or two and doesn't mind playing PS2 games on a PS2, other than that I don't see a reason why anyone wouldnt get the 80 GB.

PS360WII4075d ago

agreed. hundred buck more but you get the true ps3 not the cheap version that has the price for the 'masses'... I'm not sure if 400 is still the price point for the masses but that's the lowest it can go for awhile now I think.

Hopefully all the 60gigs sell out then everyone buys the 80 gig and they remove the 40 gig SKU. They are trying to make the PS3 the only thing you need to hook up to the TV the multimedia mega system but oh by the way you still need to plug in the ps2 as well.... what?

Real Gambler4075d ago

If you have PS2 games, you likely have a PS2. You want to play those games, but don't want to use your PS2, then you buy a PS3 with BC. You don't care about BC, you save money and you buy the 40GB version.

This is great because you have the choice! People see it as getting only BC for $100, but you get a lot more than BC if you go for the 60Gig or 80Gig version.

I am not even sure why people want to pay for old PS1 games!!! If I want to go retro, I plug one of my old consoles back. There's nothing like a good evening of NES game, and you get to blow in the cartrige as well. I do it once a year with most of my consoles. That's what those inputs are for in front of my TV... They even work with my intellivision and Pong. Do I want to play them more than once a year? NO!

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Scythesean4075d ago

the early buyers are the ones that cared about BC, the ones left now are those that wanted to wait awhile and let the price go down. The PS3 will see a larger install base with the introduction of the 40gig. When someone goes into walmart to buy a system they won't see that it doesn't pay ps2 games. They will see all the new ps3 games out and want them not games from last-gen.

chester4075d ago

i'd disagree with that. the playstation 2 loyalists who haven't bought a ps3 yet are still playing the crap out of their ps2's. i'd say that BC is almost more important to them then to the early adopters who wanted the tech and the new gadget. they are the ones who left the ps2 behind a long time ago.

Real Gambler4075d ago

And they get more hard disk space to store all those PS2 game saved. You should see how neat they all look on a PS3 with BC : )

Adamalicious4075d ago

While I've always really like BC as a feature and that Sony has been really great about it I do agree that as the PS3 library fills out there is less of a need/demand for it. I pretty much never use the feature as it is - I pretty much only play Guitar Hero on the PS2, it doesn't work on the PS3 so I've kept the PS2 around.

Really, if that's what they've got to do to grow the base then that's OK.

Cat4075d ago

you're right that as the library grows there'll be less of a need/desire for it, and there may be plenty of consumers who don't care about BC, just a price point...but right now I'm really taking advantage of the opportunity to play some PS2 games I never got around to!

Vojkan4075d ago

Ngai pressed him HARD with those questions...

Real Gambler4075d ago

But it's quite useless... Why asking how long they plan to keep the 80gig sku twice??? We live in a world where there's a new digital camera model coming every 4 months from EACH manufacturers... People may not have noticed it, but business like Sharp and many other are coming out with a new LCD HDTV model every 6 months or less. So, if you have any business sense, this is the most stupid question you can ask, and yet, he asked it twice! You cannot get this type of product out today and expect to ship the same SKU for 10 years! Even the PS2 had quite a few SKU in it's lifespan. Not just the fat and slim version! So not only he was pressing a lot, but some questions were plain stupid...

In fact, most of the questions were about playing PS2 or PS1 games. I'm starting to wonder if he has noticed that next-gen consoles have been out for quite a while now : )

Leon Kennedy4075d ago

This is certainly a very relevant story right now, with the PS3 dropping it's price, it's only relevant that we mention it. The 360 has shown how relevant it is, the Wii has it's relevance displayed, now Sony's relevance will come to the fore and Uncharted will prove the PS3's relevance - is that 10 times yet?

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