Suda51: One of the Most Unique Minds in Gaming

Suda51 is easily one of the most interesting video game directors in the business. His unique concepts and sense of style have managed to create some of the most compelling gaming experiences ever seen on a console. Bright Hub takes a look at Suda51's complex mind and delivers a concise overview of the director's awesome career.

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zootang2755d ago

Instead of using the same stale old minds why not try to find the new "Suda51" It would be a lot cheaper.

Llednar2755d ago

Why do Asians all have the same hairstyle?

Der_Kommandant2755d ago (Edited 2755d ago )

Killer7 is one of the most bizarre, original games I've ever played.

Can't wait for Shadows of the Damned

TheSanchezDavid2755d ago

A lot of people didn't "get" that game, but it was an excellent title. Way ahead of its time. Played it recently and it feels a lot more rewarding and a lot more innovative than most of today's titles.

ChickeyCantor2755d ago

Ahead of its time?
A friend of mine said it was really depressing, lol. He still liked it, but he couldn't help and feel mentally disturbed by the awkwardness.

TheSanchezDavid2754d ago

Yes, ahead of its time. It seamlessly combined genres successfully, something a lot of more modern games can't pull off. And the story was completely riveting. Again, something many of today's games can't provide.

Venox20082755d ago

at first when I've played it I thought "What a *itty" game ... but after some time when I did it second time, I couldn't stop playing it .. until finished it..

btw... no more heroes is great too :) yes, can't wait for Shadows of the damned.. and it would be great too to see something from Suda51 on 3DS! :)