Sony Shows That Saying "I’m Sorry" Isn’t Enough in Japan

Kotaku: This Sunday, as the Golden Week holidays began in Japan, Sony execs Kazuo Hirai, Shinji Hasejima and Shiro Kambe answered reporters' questions about the PSN breach that put the private details of over 70 million gamers at risk. The execs didn't just apologize for the breach, but bowed for seven seconds.

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whateva2668d ago

Wife comes in mad as hell "I found the pictures of you & that other women"

Me: gets up puts hands together bows for 7 seconds

Wife: "it's Okay baby I understand"

TOO PAWNED2668d ago

Wife? I bet you are some 12 yo

im-12-years-old2668d ago

No I'm the 12 year old fool.

user8586212668d ago

@too pawned

didnt sense the joke brah??...

specialguest2668d ago (Edited 2668d ago )

There will only be one 12 year old on N4G, and that 12 year old is im-12-years-old.

sak5002668d ago

@special guest

"There will only be one 12 year old on N4G, and that 12 year old is im-12-years-old. "

YES you're right, rest are about 11years and below.

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ikkeweer2668d ago

now imagine having 70 million+ wives

1998gamer2668d ago (Edited 2668d ago )

that's a lot of sandwhichs :P

VonBraunschweigg2668d ago

Sell the ugly ones, roll away the fat ones, throw the old ones of a cliff and get rid of the ones not giving it up, see what you got left & keep-em.

gamingdroid2668d ago

However, her expectation is:

Wife comes in mad as hell "I found the pictures of you & that other women"

Me: Suicide!

But yeah, point taken. Seems the bow was a little too short and the execs should have gotten on their knees, but don't ruin that 10k grand suite.

"When Japan Airlines flight 123 crashed in 1985, killing 520 passengers, JAL's president personally visited all 520 families. And when he finished that, he resigned. JAL's maintenance manager and the engineer who oversaw the plane's improper repairs made the ultimate sacrifices with their apologies: both committed suicide."


Shane Kim2668d ago

Is that true? Damn Shane Kim has a lot to learn.

a_bro2667d ago

yes, that happen, and yes, it was a horrible tragedy. the tail of the aircraft blew out, the plane started to ascend and descend, the pilots had no idea what happened, they were speaking to the ATC about the situation, people were writing their final goodbyes to their families. After that, the unthinkable happened, the plane crashed.

error was human error. i forgot what the error was, look it up on youtube, i've seen it, and the voice recorder shows the grim fate the pilots, crew and passangers were going to first seconds from disaster. its up on youtube as well.

jerethdagryphon2667d ago (Edited 2667d ago )

i wouldmnt be surprised jhapan has a very strict code of honor the older generations follow and this response its actually a bit more then a simple bow its a sign of submission basically its im sorry

there whole culture is based on ritual and placment its faciniating to think these powerful men felt bad enough to bow to others

chainer30002667d ago

Oh don't worry, we won't hear about it, but someone at sony will die.

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RBLAZE19882668d ago

just go read the comments section of that shitty article. They're saying Sony committed crimes against gamers. It's laughable.

Also leave it to Kotaku to downplay even the most sincerest of gestures. I guess they wouldn't be happy until every executive at Sony was burned at the stake...

TBM2668d ago

They have a lot of retarded writers, and posters on that site.

tplarkin72667d ago

Apologies are unprofessional. The reason is that they are meaningless in a business or military context.

Vherostar2667d ago (Edited 2667d ago )

Typical the biggest 360 fanboy site is posting this article. They should stick to humping 360 games

fedexas2667d ago

Lol. Let us know how that works out. x3

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BubbleSniper2668d ago

so we get another article from craptaku about what we already know?

thx mezzo.

u top user u... lol

-Mezzo-2668d ago (Edited 2668d ago )

LOL, you know why i had to post this. :P

@BubbleSniper--- I understand.

BubbleSniper2668d ago

LOL! not dissin you buddy. i just think it funny as F! hehehe!

Frak2668d ago

don't forget to ask her to join

realplu2668d ago

Why did I know this website would take this stance. No need to visit this site for any PlayStation news.

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