PALGN: Thor: God of Thunder Review

PALGN: It's well-known by video game critics and ordinary gamers alike that licensed video games are almost fated to be considered awful before a person bravely picks up their controller to play them. The combination of a film's promotion coupled with a desire to get a tie-in game out to coincide often means that the final product can be rushed or simply lacks any effort or passion in any department.

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antauwnehart2458d ago

As I expected, looks like its time for these developers to find a new hobby!

shadowknight2032458d ago, a new hobby isn't exactly what they're thinking about doing next, apparently there working on a PS3 exclusive game? Yeah I think I remembered that correctly.

Anyways I'm currently plaything through it and I can say its entirely horrid but not great either. Definitely a rent if your bored one weekend with nothing better to do xD.

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