Will Playstation’s “Welcome Back” Appreciation Program be enough for you?

Sony is telling everyone that the Playstation Network should be seeing functionality return within the week for certain services. They will be implementing a phased roll out during the first week in May. In a post on the Playstation blog they announced that we will see a return of during the initial phase.

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NukaCola2760d ago

I, like any normal human gamer, am glad to know the PSN will be back up. All the bullcrap that the media wants to make up can shove it. Turning a good thing into another problem. Like the news today on bin Lade. Headlines reading OSAMA DEAD BUT THE WAR WILL GO ON, or IS OSAMA'S DEATH GOING TO END THE TERRORISM? It's crap like this that keeps the world from peace. Media is the number one reason that happiness is overshadowed by misery, and that is cause misery gets the ratings. I have not seen one article that says "YEAH FOR PSN!, IT'S COMING BACK!" or "PS3 GAMERS CAN BE HAPPY TO GAME ONLINE AGAIN!" Just BS articles to brew up fear and doubt. What ever. I will just be happy to sync up my trophies for the SP of Portal 2 and Mass Effect 2.

tehpees32759d ago

I completely agree. it is enough for me. Sony try their best to keep the network as safe as it can be. I wonder how people would have reacted if it was xbox live that was hacked

its just the typical internet reaction. these journalists coming on putting a spin on something. PSN is a safe as it can be. the fact is the hackers took advantage of a situation that people were aware of at the time. they struck while the iron was hot

Istanbull2759d ago

Why won't it be enough? They're already doing everything they can, you should be glad you get anything free from Sony in the first place!

Perjoss2759d ago

I dont really mind what they do, the PSN downtime has not affected me too much as I hardly use my PS3 apart from the odd exclusive game.

2759d ago
Vitalogy2759d ago

To be honest it would be enough already if they just provide more security from now on, I really don't care about the rest, just want to be safe with me data there.

Jac5al2760d ago

I just want PSN back online.

ThatCanadianGuy2759d ago

I know right.I could care less about anything else, just let me freakin play DCUO again.Im craving it!

Although, just had an idea! It would be pretty cool if they gave Warhawk away as a free download to everyone on PSN.I mean..let's be honest, the game is a few years old, doubt its bringing in much revenue now.Would be a great way to say sorry, get more fans for warhawk & lead to a great starhawk reveal mid-may (supposedly)

Vherostar2759d ago

I agree and they didnt even have to do a welcome pack the fact any site says is it good enough shows how biased they can be. It's not like people pay for PSN is it? I mean sure I get PS+ but with monthly updates only it doesn't really affect plus members.

Baba19062759d ago

agree, i just want to play k3 again. dont care about the free stuff, its cool though.

Dazel2759d ago

While my daughter will be glad to play LBP2 again, Sony can go #@$% themselves as far as I'm concerned. They've caused me to much hassle and I might play games purchased in a shop, I will NEVER trust them with my credit card details.

rustyspoon802759d ago

Then just use a pre-pay PSN card. They're usually cheaper the their PSN value so you save money.
I for 1, have been lost in Fallout: New Vegas so haven't missed online.

KwietStorm2759d ago

So then just game and don't worry about your credit card. What's the problem? Gaming isn't a pay to play service.

Dazel2759d ago

My problem is having to cancel my credit card and juggle my finances just before I went away on holiday because Sony dropped the ball.

fedexas2759d ago

Direct your anger at the hackers that did this. No matter how secure a network may be, it's not immune against attacks. The blame should not be completely placed on Sony.

PlayerX2759d ago

Not really. It's a cheap marketing ploy.

OmegaSlayer2759d ago

Yes, much more than they had to do, since Sony was victim as well.

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