GGTL: The truth about modern day Nintendo

Gamer's Guide to, Monday 2nd May 2011: When GGTL writer Andrew Whipple thinks Nintendo, words like "innovative," "mould-breaking," and "adaptive" don't quickly come to mind. Now that a new Wii is due to be announced at the E3, he takes quill to digital paper in an article highlighting his problems with Nintendo's philosophy since the GameCube era, and what must be done to fix them.

GGTL: "The best thing I can say about Nintendo is that when it finally ups the ante and increases the graphical processing horsepower of its next 'god-like' machination, it'll create a console that could very well explore the territory this generation is missing. With the way things have been going, I highly, highly doubt that Nintendo will take that route instead of utilising the same game design philosophies that they have for the last decade; the ones that never truly evolve the other consoles have in this modern era."

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Antholex2787d ago

Maybe the new console will bring a change.

kidnplay2787d ago

I've never been hugely convinced by Nintendo since the GameCube - everything after that seemed to be aimed at either the young or the casual gamer, with the hardware mechanics reflecting that, rather than building consoles that suited all types of gamers, and making the games themselves reflect the age range intended.

Particularly, with the Wii, the motion control mechanic was the selling-point, yet the only thing keeping that bandwagon going was the novelty of it. Nintendo need to make things with more lasting appeal, rather than consoles which rely almost entirely on a single novelty mechanic.

Alos882786d ago

If you ask me Nintendo have painted themselves into a corner with the Wii- where can you go from there? How can you recapture the interest of a fickle casual audience who have no loyalty other than to the hottest new craze?

StifflerK2786d ago

I appreciate Nintendo's ability to explore ideas fully, and get the most out of old tech.
But their major franchises haven't really evolved much - and are really starting to feel stale, plus they have a real shortage in new IP's.

Nintendo clearly have talented staff - but they rarely seem to push themselves. They seem to care more about making a quick profit off an unsuspecting casual market then they do about making good games.

I predict the Wii2 will be on par with the X360 - tech wise - but retail at twice the current price. Nintendo will beef up their games list with multi-plat games and still not bother to do anything new with their own franchises. They will make a lot of money from re-issung their entire back catalogue of Wiiware games in HD , + they'll also phase out and re-release Wii games in HD both at a premium price.

Wii 3 will come out just after the PS4 and X720 - it'll have a gimmick like 3D or something. Nintendo won't put any effort into their new games - but'll still make a huge profit re-issuing all Wiiware games, Wii and Wii2 games this time in 3D - at a premium price .

Three - Four years later Wii4 + novelty gimmick + old games at premium price = major profit.

It's the 'new' Nintendo's way .....

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