First Edge of Twilight Gameplay Video

FuzzyEyes have released the first gameplay sneak peek video taken from their upcoming title, Edge of Twilight.

Edge of Twilight heralds the beginning of a brand new IP for the studio; a dark, steampunk fantasy in a world where night and day have torn apart.

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bym051d4072d ago

Bastard beat me by < 7 min. ;)

MK_Red4072d ago (Edited 4072d ago )

I don't know how TnS works. Even the RSS feeds are not that guick :)

Superb find and post.
Can't wait for this game, it could be a seriously awesome game from what I've read. At least, the name rocks.

jesuisankit4071d ago

Whoa looks good even in that Low res video.. I think its some kinda of God of War kinda game for the PC/xbox 360