New Xbox 360, Gets you $50 Bonus Credit & 1600 LIVE Points - It's Xbox Time

Right now if you purchase an Xbox 360 console (3 out of the 4 Xbox 360 console versions available), you will receive $50 Bonus Credit and 1600 Xbox LIVE points! This is definitely the best deal on the internet when it comes to a new Xbox 360.

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joeorc2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

for a good console gaming experience...Its good that you can get one with that good deal.

What would be cool is if they put out a list of Games or thing's you can purchase with your 1600 points.


Wikkid6662780d ago

List is a good idea... but it would be way too long and they put certain games down it might feel limiting.

Solidus187-SCMilk2780d ago

You can use those 1600 points toward anything on xbox LIVE, except maybe some of the more expensive games on demand where you just pay the cash amount for.

1600 points is $20 worth of stuff on XBLIVE.

Bnet3432780d ago

Just going to add so no one gets confused. You can use Microsoft Points to buy any game on Games on Demand, it does not need to be cash. When you are at the pay screen, just hit the X button where it says "Use Microsoft Points". So you would be able to snag a $20 game on Games on Demand if you wish.

DarkSpawnClone2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

DAMN!!..sweet for those of you who have an a 360 do you need the hard drive to play Halo3/Reach and Gears.. cause i was thinking of getting the 4gb but the hard drives look like they cost a lot so if i really need it i think i would just get a 250 GB model,just a bit confused on this.

Bnet3432780d ago

Just go with the 250 GB model and save yourself the trouble. $300 for it is not bad at all. The 4 GB model is just for you to save your games, download a demo or two, etc.

Solidus187-SCMilk2780d ago

My 360 only has a 20GB dirve and I get along with that but could always use more space.

Considering that the 4gb costs 200 but doesnt come with the credit or the points in this deal, I would spend the extra money on the 250 and get the $50 credit and 1600($20) points.

That is of course if your getting it from amazon. There aer alot of retailers offering deals tho, so you might be able to get some sort of deal on the 4gb one somewhere as well.

DarkSpawnClone2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

ahh ok thank you very much the 299 looks like a better deal..Then i will just need to pick up a game and a membership to gold thanks a lot :)

Solidus187-SCMilk2780d ago

Many of the old 360s have no HD or only a tiny amount of memory built in(like my jasper arcade that came with 256MB built in only), so every game needs to work without a HD or else there would be a large amount of people who would be unable to play the games that require an HD.

I remember hearing something about reach needing a HD for the co-op mode or something, but that was because of some thing that bungie did, and is not and Issue with 99.9% of 360 games. Im not sure if they ever fixed that or not because I have a HD on my 360, But I do know that all games can be played without a HD on 360. I have played co-op in halo 3 and gears without an HD tho, so I believe that incident is an issue with reach only.

You can add up to 32GB(2x16GB) of USB/external HD memory if you have those as well. But all games can be played off the disk and none of them require an instal to the HD(although all games have optional full install if you have the space. games load alot faster with the full instal).

DarkSpawnClone2780d ago

ahh OK so i guess it doesn't make much of a difference than ..but a full install sounds nice,what would you say is better Halo 3 or Halo Reach ?..I'm probably getting L4D2 as well with out question i have been dying to play it,thanks for the info all you guys have been great help.

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iHEARTboobs2780d ago

I recently ditched my old 360 for a slim. Got the 4gb console from amazon and a couple days later bought a third party 250gb hard drive for only $50 (also from amazon). Works great.

HammockGames2779d ago

Same here. Picked up 3rd party 250 GB drive off e-bay for $50. You can probably get a 120 GB for even less. A lot of sellers offer both.

If you go this route, pick a reputable seller and double check their feedback for the HDDs to make sure they're getting positive reviews.

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Pedobear Rocks2780d ago

4gb w/ Kinect for 179.
250gb w/ Kinect for 278.

Bestbuy/FS Canada. Both are better deals.

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