Should Valve create a console or expand on their PS3 functionality?

Vince wonders whether Valve should make a console / console app for their library.

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FAGOL2760d ago

I think they should expand their services on consoles. They should also look to invest in features like OnLive. It's going to be important in the future.

AndrewRyan2760d ago (Edited 2760d ago )

I have to disagree. Valve should not make a console because with a console comes great responsibility such as 1st party developers, online servers, warranty, shipping, etc etc. Not only this but Valve's own games will because exclusive to their console and people will miss out.

They are already making millions with steam and Gabe is the richest person in the video game industry he doesn't need any more money haha.

Fun fact: Write to Gabe via email and he will answer.

FredEffinChopin2760d ago

Fun fact: He didn't say they should MAKE a console.

starchild2760d ago

Valve don't need to make a console, their Steam service is already on the best platform around, the PC.

BattleAxe2760d ago (Edited 2760d ago )

I think Valve has a great opportunity for doing some great things on PS3. Sony is Microsofts nemesis, and I can only imagine that since MS has platforms both with the Xbox 360 and Game For Windows Live, which allows them to capture market share both in the console and PC market, that Sony might have plans for doing the same, and the only way I see Sony accessing the PC market is through Steam. I think it would be huge if Steam were able to sell some Sony exclusive games "exclusively" on Steam. There is alot of potential here. There are already games from Sony Online Entertainment on Steam, so they're already doing some business together anyway.

waltyftm2760d ago

Increasing the PS3 libary would be a very smart move, There is a lot of games on Steam that would be very welcome on the PS3, And it would make them loads of money.

LimeyOtoko2760d ago

Agreed, I think the first one I think of is 'Super Meat Boy'. Also the Telltale games are already on there so if you could sync those like Portal 2..

zootang2760d ago (Edited 2760d ago )

Why not all the multi platform games like Call of Duty, Fifa and so on.

I hate having one bubble, I can never reply to anything I have said. I have been getting "well said" but no bubbles? The mods must just hate me.

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Christopher2760d ago

IMHO, Valve should stick to their software implementations. Make steam a third-party system that other game developers can pay a fee to use for putting their games on any platform and for handling multiplayer, chat, and updates.

Marquis_de_Sade2760d ago

Neither, just carry on making excellent and original games.

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