GameManx - Controller vs Controller: Fight!

GameManx - As I surfed the web today in search of the latest launch day titles to sooth my never- ending thirst for the perfect gaming experience I found myself once again full of doubt. A familiar uncertainty stemming not from the decision of what game to buy but from the conundrum of deciding what console to buy it for.

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cochise3132755d ago (Edited 2755d ago )

I'm too used to the Ds since i grew up with it(14 years and counting), but the 360 controller is better for fps's. DS is the better all around controller though; especially for fighters. One thing I hate about ps3 fps's is that they map the buttons to L1 and R1; I hate that. I hate that some fps's won't let you change the top button; Sony should make it mandatory that devs let the player choose.

thebudgetgamer2755d ago

i like the ds for fps games that use r1 and l1 for shooting and the 360 controller for games like bioshock and borderlands. the 360 for racing games and the ds for just about everything else.

zootang2755d ago (Edited 2755d ago )

I've been using the DS for 15 years now. I've tried the 360 pad but it feels like something made by playmobile. Triggers feel cheap compaired to the Dual Shock.

Hanif-8762755d ago (Edited 2755d ago )

Overall i prefer the PS3 controller. All they need to do for the PS4 is to change the L2 and R2 to actual triggers and it would go down as the best game controller in history. Triggers are go for precision like for instance in a racing game you can gauge how much acceleration/braking you want to give your car at a point in time. Also, triggers suits FPS's also, i mean the name speaks for itself :-)

The Dualshock is the better controller but both the Xbox360 and PS3 controller have flaws but the only thing that the DS actually need are just triggers.

Too_many_games2755d ago

360 controller is best but i only own a PS3 so i bought this

Christopher2755d ago

And how does it work for you? Ratings on seem to indicate it's an average, at best, controller.

Too_many_games2755d ago

Had the controller for a bout 5 months and it has worked great, not of the highest quality but the stick placements and size of the controller make it better for me. Dual Shock 3 seems a little small these days.

talltony2755d ago

"Dual Shock 3 seems a little small these days"

Oh really? Can you palm a basketball? I can and the dualshock is not too small in fact I bet you are just not holding it correctly if you think its too small.

Christopher2755d ago (Edited 2755d ago )

C'mon now, talltony, we're all allowed to have our opinion and we're all physically different.

I have no issues with either controller overall and can adjust to both, though I do prefer the analog stick placement on the DS controllers. That's about the worst thing I could say about both.

I've yet to find one controller that fits all of my needs perfectly. I even use two different fighter sticks for fighting games.

talltony2755d ago

You cannot say its too small if you do not have big hands. You can say anything else you want about it but saying it is too small while you have small hands makes no sense at all.

Too_many_games2754d ago

talltony: i have been using the Dual Shock since 1998 when it came out, now that i have grown up and my hands are not baby hands anymore,it just feels a little too small to grip while the 360 controller fits my hands fine so thats why i prefer the 360 controller and to an extent the controller i listed above

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fghsjdfghjdfhgkjdf2755d ago

The triggers are the only part of the 360 controller I'd like on my DS3. I never understood the arguments for the analogue stick positioning on the 360, surely if it's beneficial to have the stick higher up you'd do it for the right stick or for both?

I like everything else on the DS3, I just want some proper triggers! Although I use Move for FPS's when I can so this might be a non-issue in the foreseeable future.

fghsjdfghjdfhgkjdf2755d ago

I used a pair for a week but I can't hold both L1 and L2 at the same time comfortably with them on. It's probably my spastic fingers though, I haven't tried it with the 360 controller actually so I may suffer the same problem. Don't judge me :(

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2755d ago

Dualshock. I dont hate xbox controller (they should really give it a name) but I just like the DS better.

peeps2755d ago

360 pad:

- most comfortable design
- prefer the analogues for long play sessions but don't have a problem with the DS3's position really.
- triggers feel much nicer


- d-pad is miles better than 360's
- face buttons are better and pressure sensitive. playing super meat boy for long sessions i find my thumb really starts to hurt from pressin the A button to jump

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