Saving Content - Anomaly Warzone Earth Review

"If you see the words “strategy” and “tower defense”, most people start deleting the website from their favorites. Anomaly Warzone Earth flips the script on the tower defense genre by creating tower offense.

You play as the leader of of a group of future military group sent to investigate the mysterious crash of an unidentified flying object that has broken up into the atmosphere and landed in Baghdad. From there you control only with your mouse. And there is everything you need. You left-click to move your character to it’s position. You are given a convoy to spend money on and place in order. Their path can be changed at will by scrolling the mouse wheel down to zoom out on the map and get a nice neon overview of the land and what intel you have will show enemy structures. From there you can set their path for collectible resources or in what order to take structures down. You cannot control the speed of your convoy, but you can speed up time by holding Tab key."

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