Original Gamer - Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters Review

Original Gamer - I hate golf. It’s so slow and boring. Growing up, I’d wake up every Saturday morning to watch cartoons. Once I got myself settled in, what did I see when I turn on the TV and changed it to the channel that was showing cartoons? A golf tournament. Now movies like CaddyShack and Happy Gilmore might have made golf funny, but that still didn’t change my hate of golf. Like nearly every other sport, video game adaptations have been made.

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Fil1012781d ago

the last tiger i brought was 09 simply because i refuse to buy sports games year in year on the simple premise that there is not enough new content to justify buying it every year. after saying that i can confirm that i have purchased tiger 12 and it has enough new features that totally make this rendition of tiger a breath of fresh air and can happily see myself playing this untill tiger 15 lol.