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elite-shot2759d ago

Personally don't see how they could make a shooter of kinet without it being on rails... which wouldn't be great.

How would you walk :S

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Kran2759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

This is how hacks do it: To walk forward, one foot is forward. To walk back, the same foot goes back. Same with side to side.

Basically, you're gonna have numb feet xD

kneon2759d ago

They shouldn't even bother wasting effort in replacing the controller with Kinect for FPS games, it's just not going to be as precise or responsive. Just continue to use the controller and find some innovative and USEFUL way of using Kinect in addition to the controller.

TechnicalBS2759d ago

If they find a useful, easy and fun way to play an FPS on kinect, I say why not.

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Biggest2759d ago

Tears of laughter on that one. Gotta love a booty scramble.

Fez2759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

@TechnicalBS, they're not gonna find a simple and fun way to play action games on kinect alone...with an add-on yes, but without, it is just intrinsically not possible...if it was, all the interesting hacks would have showed us by now, and mainstream webcam fps and tps games would have been made years ago if it was in any way better, more fun or sellable (it isn't).


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ATiElite2759d ago

Sorry but AAA and Kinect DO NOT go together.

I'm all for the effort but Kinect is totally on RAILS and that my friend disqualifies the game as AAA.

I sense more hype than substance on this one.

SixShotCop2759d ago

Definition of the term AAA please?

TreMillz2759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )


AAA Title: 1. High Budget Title
2. Rating of 90 or higher
3. Fun

Kinect doesn't do any of the 3.

@Bnet343 and where do you see "AAA Move Shooter comming soon" at? Oh You don't? Thank You.

Bnet3432759d ago

Niether does Move, so they're both on the same boat going by that little list you just made up lol.

Biggest2759d ago

Deflection is another way of avoiding depression. And for the record: Heavy Rain is a AAA title with full Move integration. Killzone 3 is a AAA title with full Move integration. I know some of you will say "But it wasn't made for the Move ONLY!" To that I say: You don't need to touch a normal controller to play either game. It is a Move only game if you only have a Move.

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SixShotCop2758d ago

Thank you TreMillz.

You do know it was a rhetorical question? I wanted to bring out your inner fanboy and i succeeded.

Btw, have you tried Kinect? Reply without lying if that's even possible.

Question for the mods. How the hell is Instabull allowed to write trolling comments on what seems like a daily basis without getting banned?

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meetajhu2759d ago


Bnet3432759d ago

I don't get how they haven't done Halo Wars 2 with Kinect yet. I mean, it's pretty damn obvious it would work. Use your fingers to control your units and issue commands (could use voice like EndWar or another method). Hell, it might be able to surpass M+KB if you got fast hands (or fingers?) and it's accurate enough.

cyborg69712759d ago

AAA and kinect are words that don't play nice together.

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Troll_Police2759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

Halo 4 kinect confirmed.


We all know Halo is the only shot to get the "hardcore" audience interested in Kinect.

limewax2759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

Nope, this is a Canadian studio called Zipline studios not 343. On rails is likely though

LOGICWINS2759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

Maybe, but I can't imagine playing Halo with ONLY Kinect. At best what they can do is mix Kinect with traditional 360 controls IMO.

"We all know Halo is the only shot to get the "hardcore" audience interested in Kinect"

True true

RankFTW2759d ago

I'm all for Halo 4 but not Kinect.

metsgaming2759d ago

that and maybe the next COD will be kinect compatible lol

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lochdoun2759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

Best news out of all of this:
a new first party studio for Microsoft!
Welcome to the team Zipline Studios.

And btw... the listing said a game using Kinect, not exclusively Kinect. It could be a hybrid like how Killzone has Move support.

antauwnehart2759d ago

If this happens microsoft will be the first one out of the games industry out of the big three!

Raven_Nomad2759d ago

This is good news. I don't think it's Halo in any way however, as 343 handles that. I think a Halo on Kinect might come out sometime, but I tend to think a Halo Wars 2 would work better on Kinect.

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