Extra Punctuation: An Invisible Protagonist

Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw: "In my review of Crysis 2 I mentioned that I managed to skip past most of the final battles by using the cloak, but some people complained. I should not have used it, they said. I should have given the aliens a sporting chance, they said. I was just cheating myself out of gameplay, they said. It's a flawed argument. The cloak isn't a cheat, it's one of the central game mechanics, and you might as well argue that you're cheating yourself out of gameplay by not holding the controller upside-down or sticking a bucket over your head. But I can see the point."

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ZeroChaos2784d ago

Nice idea an invisible protagnist could make a good game if done right, to be honest in the first MGS I did this a lot with the stealth camo, just make the guy follow you for ages around the box xD Huh! What was that noise? Hmmm!

Also a comment about that Crysis 2 mechanic. I found it stupid as hell that the guy could run and jump in stealth but to melee a guy you have to uncloak and then recloak...defeats the point about stealth kill no?