Amazing Mass Effect 3 Fan Made Concept Art

DP: A talented digital artist has rendered several characters of the Mass Effect Universe in an amazing Mass Effect 3 conceptual perspective.

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tsunami9012782d ago

This guy is amazingly talented.

banjadude2782d ago

I'll never be as talented as that guy, not in a million years!
Kudos to him.

PwnerifficOne2781d ago

I also thought the pictures are amazing and I praise the artist for his skill and I really love ME, but who the heck approved this? I set these as my background when I saw them on N4G in February...

Nate-Dog2781d ago

I was thinking the same when I saw this yesterday, but there are a few additional ones compared to the few articles that went around before. I don't think the Jack and Kasumi ones were there before, the artist must have done those in the meantime.