Wii success forces Sony to sell off PS3 chips

SONY Corp has agreed to sell its production facilities for the powerful computer chip at the heart of its struggling PlayStation 3 game console to rival Toshiba Corp.

Sony will also sell Toshiba its operations for the RSX graphic processor used in the PS3.

With sales of the console struggling, Sony needs to reduce losses from the game division to a manageable level, said Osamu Hirose, analyst at Tokai Tokyo Research Centre.

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Twizlex4073d ago

I had heard this as just a rumor before, but now they're not only selling the CELL but the RSX too? When and how did that happen?

drtysouf214073d ago (Edited 4073d ago )

Report as duplicate.

Also funny how The Round Peg came in and approved it all of a sudden after not being on here for 2 hours i wonder if this is one of his other alternate accounts.

Twizlex4073d ago

Get your act together. It's not a duplicate because the other story was about the CELL, and this is about the RSX as well. People need to actually READ the story before they cry duplicate. And no, I'm very much not The Round Peg.

AllanWakker4073d ago

What's so funny about these continued attempts at making up BS about the Sony-Toshiba joint chip/manufacturing venture is what exactly do the fanboys think they are accomplishing.

It's like someone telling you a lie and then they keep telling it to over again hoping somehow you'll magically start believing it.

nasim4073d ago (Edited 4073d ago )

SONY is partnering with TOSHIBA for outsouching CELL

They didnt sell of CELL

Sony and Toshiba agree chip deal,enter into joint venture.

TOSHIBA is taking this decision after BD is hammering HD DVD 4:1 (2x as before) in NA. Transformers failed to gather momentum for HD DVD


Hatchetforce4073d ago (Edited 4073d ago )

The Round Peg doesn't bother to comment anymore because that is a chance for users to provide negative feedback. Which they certainly would. When dirtbags like Peg go on a mission to unbalance the news by scouring the interent for a story they can spin and then adjust the title so they can slam a particular company they don't like then they do a dissservice to everyone here.

If they want to ruin this site by such actions - and they will - then the users here have every right to go after that person and their multiple accounts with every thing they have. The mods will either strip this person of their privledges or else people will vote with their mouse and leave this site click by click. It isn't that difficult to use a similar pattern yet set a site where users will be free of the idiocy perpetrated by people like The Round Peg.

The ball is in the hands of the mods now. There are several people like me that have sufficient funding and servers to run a site and am sure I can find appropriate mods with no problem. If balance can't be brought to the board then people are going to walk.

illizit4073d ago

They are only letting Toshiba build chips FOR them in order to lower cost. Idiots I swear, some of you don't read.

joydestroy4073d ago

thank you! that's what i was getting from the articles about the CELL and RSX. i wouldn't think they'd be giving up on either, especially this early in the consoles life.

they are trying to lower costs, and quickly, because they're losing so much money.

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Skerj4073d ago (Edited 4073d ago )

This story is already on this site at least twice with less flamebait headings.



I know it's the heading of the source article but that doesn't make what I said less true. The other 3 postings here with the same story have less comments than this one, due partly in fact that one system killing the other is not in the title. Like I said "flamebait".


Thanks for using logic and common sense. Lately this place has turned into N4Fanboys instead of N4Gamers with more and more needless flamewars starting in articles that really didn't need to happen. Hell yesterday's Capcom announcement had a flamewar, WHY!? People just come in and start posting nonsense, then all hell breaks loose.


I can understand you have pride in your purchase of a console and you want to show you're side is better than the other for some reason. But seriously this blind super allegiance to a company is childish. It's not like Nintendo, Sony, or Microsoft are going come to your home and give you a handjob and a million bucks for buying more of their games and not supporting the other guys.

Some of the things I've seen here is funny, people displaying deep hatred for gaming consoles. I guess this is our generation's great struggle. ..(wars, famine, healthcare, diseases, racism notwithstanding).

bym051d4073d ago

The "flamebait" heading is from the source.

Hatchetforce4073d ago (Edited 4073d ago )

Then people should know better than to quote that source and use a little google sense to find a better source for the same story. That is part of the common sense that should be needed to provide a story in the first place. You can stop trying to excuse stupidity and an intentional act as soon as you wake up.

forum_crawler4073d ago

Nintendo can buy chips from Toshiba now and use them in the wii 2.0, and still spank the PS4 and XBox720!!!

This would make sense because there would be no R&D cost on the chip, but that is unless they fix that horrible bandwidth issue with the PS3 architecture (if you are not sure about what I am talking about, read about the bandwidth bottleneck of the PS3 architecture that allows the XBox 360 to have similar performance as the PS3, there are tons of articles about it...)

Kratos_Kart20074073d ago

The poster sure can spin the heading

Twizlex4073d ago

I didn't spin anything, that's the name of the article. And the rules say you're not supposed to change the title unless the original title doesn't make sense. I'm just posting the article, I didn't write it. Geez...

Twizlex4073d ago

Hahaha, how can anyone disagree with that? READ THE FREAKING RULES!

Synex4073d ago

Ya I've read this story here a couple of times.

THE_JUDGE4073d ago

get approved? There is no fact that says the Wii did anything of the sort.

Cat4073d ago (Edited 4073d ago )

it's the original title (contributors are supposed to use the original title).

the article, however, is pretty...dumb. it's part of the progression of a system to find cheaper methods of production and a great way to do this is outsource. toshiba helped to develop the cell processor, so it's not a giant leap.

@ Judge: i guess I just don't think the guidelines allow for those adjustments. i agree the title is a joke, but the original author clearly intended it to be inflammatory, and any change is still subjective no matter the consensus.

THE_JUDGE4073d ago

I am one! But when the title isn't fact or is misleading then an adjustment is needed, period. Unless it has a quote in the article from a Sony Exc that says " We're selling the facilities because of the Nintendo Wii." Then its pure B.S.!!!