Gamers shouldn't hate Sony - they should hate the gaming blogs

I feel sorry for Sony, it could have been anyone. The fact that the hackers chose Sony is because they recognised that if they could get details, they would have 77 million personal details. Now this is where it stop with the similarities between recent blog posts on gaming websites – I’m not going to go on and say ‘why didn’t Sony have better security’ or ‘Sony are a disgrace’. Sony has done excellent work over the years, has built up their fame with the PlayStation brand, and has a dedicated, strong backing. Now let me explain why you shouldn’t be angry at Sony for this…

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Danteh2759d ago

damn, seems like osama was a playstation network user... told ya that shit wasn't secure!

movements2759d ago

So sites went overboard. No doubt.

tehpees32759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

I bore of these PSN articles. these hackers can attack anywhere they feel like. they just attacked PSN to take advantage of the situation with anon

AAACE52759d ago

Same here, i'm tired of these as well... but I guess they say eye for eye!

What I don't get is, something bad happens to a Sony product, people have compassion! Something bad happens to a MS product, people are up in arms saying burn the witch!

Just give both companies the same respect! This is kinda a good thing, because it shows Ps3 fanboys how it felt to get hit with all the red ring crap.

gamingdroid2759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

So we should just overlook the issue because Sony is "trying" their best? This is severe negligence on so many levels and I'm glad heads are rolling!

This should set an example for other companies. When RROD happened, well people still talk about it and that is GOOD!

There should be repercussions when there is negligence involved. Keeps a company and their staff in check.

user83971442759d ago

I have seen that joke in almost all PSN articles this morning.

Scyrus2759d ago

yeah so if anon really didnt do it why doesnt anon go after them? oooooh yeah double standards.

they are probably stray anonymous members that felt like doing it

clintos592759d ago


I wonder why he left xbl for psn? Oh yeah I think he was tired of seeing his 360 die so much & switched over to psn lol. Hey guess he can finally RIP with all of his other 360's.

zealottt2759d ago

Yes thats right, we should hate the gaming blogs for posting the facts.

-Refusing to tell us that personal information was obtained until a week later
-making a crappy security system in the first place


radphil2759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

"Yes thats right, we should hate the gaming blogs for posting the facts. "

I hope to god you're joking....

fedexas2759d ago

But thanks for trying.

Kazeke7542759d ago

This shows that u indeed know the facts /s

Scary692759d ago

I don't hate Sony and I also do not believe in a full secure network. If a hacker wants to get in he or she will no matter what. I think Sony took the proper precautions to deal with the situation this is a lesson for MANY individuals to STOP saving personal information on any type of system.

Eyeco2759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

i wasn't really bothered by the countless number of hate articles i mean Sony done it to themselves at the end of the day, but what amazed me is how Fanboys were defending Sony for losing their Personal info

i mean seriously how can you defend a billion dollar company for getting pwned by some basement hackers and putting your financial info at stake, your defending sony for screwing you over, wow no wonder why people call sony fanboys the worst.

call the media biased or what ever but this generation has just been bad publicity one after the other for sony, they've straight up done it to themselves, they even admited they screwed up so why can't there fans ?

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MrDead2759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

Sony attacks the hacker, hackers and the gaming blogs attack Sony.

Max Power2759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

Hackers attack Sony, Sony retaliates, hacker and "media" attack Sony.

fedexas2759d ago

That's exactly right Max Power. The hackers couldn't stand the fact that Sony took a stand against them. I hope they're caught and prosecuted.

PirosThe4th2759d ago

So true...
I the media went overboard i reckon considering most accounts didn't really have any real info and were multiple accounts from same system. They took it as if there were 77 million people that lost their identity... :P
Max Power... lol I used to use that name at a time.

Chocoboh2759d ago

No I agree, we should be angry at Geohot for allowing these actions to even take place. People get mad at Sony because they are trying to protect their software from being jailbroken so people can pirate games and play them for free.

I don't see the sense in some people, if you want to pirate games than buy a freaking PC. If you wanna use Linux on the PS3.. no comment cause you're an idiot

PirosThe4th2759d ago

Really if you want to pirate game don't even touch PSN. That was the main issue. Pirates tried to go online and stuff with their hacked PS3. I got 2 PS3 one i got emulators and such and other with legit firmware and all my games. Seriously why people think that everyone who hacks their things and such would just pirate every game. I buy all the games I actually play.
Piracy just happens and Sony should be used to it. If it wasn't for piracy ps2 wouldn't be that popular because i would lose sales of many countries where they never buy games. Such as 3rd world countries. You people would never understand.

The worst part is that it lead to this. Unfortunately...

Kill all my bubbles if you want but its a fact. Sony is doing well in defending the system and fighting against hackers... but just because of the nature of the exploit since it released the actual keys that sign the files which is Sony's property. It's funny how anyone can jailbreak an iPhone and it's cool but when someone does it with a console then its all bad and evil :P

mastiffchild2759d ago

iPhone is a special case because of the Adobe/Jobs BS which falsely cripples the damn things. When you think of all the apps free on android but that cost on IOS we just get a murkier picture than ever. Apple were trying a lot harder than Sony ever have to force a kind of monopoly on customers. Sure, at one end there's similarities and to me you're a thief if you file share any IP on any system ,end of-but Apple were a different case to Sony, MS or anyone else with falsely laid down limits costing consumers extra for less.

Still-I wouldn't ever call a hacker a hero. I save those kinds of words for those who deserve them for their bravery and good works that benefit us all. Mandela, MLK, Rosa Lee Parks or, imho, Trotsky=heroes. Geohot? Not the same thing.

ChozenWoan2759d ago

+1 Well Said mastiffchild

Sony has been trying to protect gamers and developers with all of the security they put into the PS3 and PSN. Jailbreaking the PS3 is what lead to this attack, which is not something you can even come close to doing with a jailbroken Iphone.

People forget that real Hackers are always looking at the big picture... money. Time is money and why spend so much time cracking a console if there isn't any money involved in the end.

The sad part is, Sony made a deal with Georgy boy. If they where still in court, they could have really cleaned up on Hacker info. And this attack would have made their case 100% solid that Georgy's work had done irreparable harm to Sony.

PirosThe4th2759d ago

Pretty predictable answers... Selfish.

Tyre2759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

people want to have megaflair and look cool by attacking Sony, it's getting tiresome. People talking out of their A#$! go on defend the people who are obstructing true gamers and the gaming community, the criminal crackers are the ones to blame...this breach wasn't the hackers, even Sony doesn't put the blame on the hackers (like Anon) for this latest breach.

Scyrus2759d ago

exactly, Its like blaming a person who got shot for getting shot without blaming the shooters

ZeroChaos2759d ago

I few blogs/website did seem very anti Sony recently.

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