Brink aiming for AAA

The CEO of Splash Damage, and the game director for Brink, Paul Wedgwood has said in an interview that he is hoping that Brink will be a AAA game.

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meetajhu2782d ago

AAA = Adaptive Anti Aliasing

BrianG2782d ago

Haha, right.

AAA status based on budget and backing?
AAA status based on review score?

Obviously more than likely review scores.

MysticStrummer2782d ago

That's my usual reaction, but this one sounds like it does enough interesting things to be... ummm... interesting. The movement system, the customization, and the ability to play through the story solo, co-op, or even entirely multiplayer sounds cool to me. I like the art style too. My one concern is how the controls will feel.

Downtown boogey2782d ago

The basic idea of the story mode is pretty much the same as in UTIII:
Training ground for MP (though I still liked it in UT).

The only thing this game has gong for it, is the SMART. It's great, but is it enough?

bananasNmonkeys2782d ago

The controls feel great, dare I say it even better than COD.

Redgehammer2782d ago

I think Brink looks awesome, and I can't wait for the 10th.

zorg7292782d ago

I can't wait for Brink either! I pre-ordered it, watched every video like a million times, and I CAN'T wait to play this game!

TheBeast2782d ago

Still quite skeptic on this game.

Ninver2782d ago

I have a feeling this game will fail due to it being different to your average COD game, sad i know. Me personally i'm still not sold on the game.

hiredhelp2782d ago (Edited 2782d ago )

Why does need be a cod style game. Dude cod is too overdone now. Crap if every shooter had to be a cod game fps will be doomed.
Problem is pol here well some. Only know cod by what they played on console themtrue cod lovers will know cod from the roots. On pc were it all began non these perk rubbish and crappy peer to peer. With exploits.

No brink will hopefully bring something new to the table. Hope it works out.. Preorderd mine shop

Downtown boogey2782d ago

I think it will fail because it's too much LIKE CoD (or any other shooter for that matter...).

What I mean by that is that it doesn't really stand out. In its heart, it's still just the same deathmatch experience albeit in a slightly different flavour.

Redgehammer2782d ago

I think Brink may succeed for the same reason you state it might fail. If it were anything like COD, I would not have it on preorder.

Venox20082782d ago

I still don't know if I'll pick it up.. let's wait and see...

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The story is too old to be commented.