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If you’re not impressed by the narrative itself you still be satisfied with the effort, MK has come a long way since it’s 16 bit glory days, it’s been a rocky ride but this latest title has redeemed and reinvigorated the series.

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antauwnehart2782d ago (Edited 2782d ago )

Stop! Just stop! No more crappy reviewers please!

General_Zod2782d ago

the only crappy reviewer is you. you wouldn't know a great game if it hit you on the head. Do all of us true gamers a favor and stay out of the MK review topics you capcom drone or do I have to burn you with my heat vision?

mightyles2782d ago

what exactly was wrong with this review? I felt the reviewer stated his case pretty well.

mightyles2782d ago

You are aware that 5/5 does not mean that it is a perfect game right? It's not the same thing as 100%, or even 10/10. 5/5 just means that it is a really good game that everyone should try.

lochdoun2782d ago (Edited 2782d ago )

This feels like a budget game.
It's no wonder why it dropped to $30 in 2 weeks.
The menus look cheap, too many loading screens, bad tutorial system, mandatory online pass for a laggy service, cant skip cutscenes, and no manual in the box. A fighting game with no manual is inexcusable!!!

General_Zod2782d ago

oh look, another elitist who thinks he's superior than zod. the menus are not epic but definetly not cheap looking, load times are fast, can't comment on online(psn user) and you are actually bitching about no manual!? You know that I, general zod, will hunt you down for such things!? I know what this is, you aren't satisfied with a game unless it's a FPS. I think I have a great game for you and it's called KNEEL BEFORE ZOD!

itsactuallyadam2782d ago (Edited 2782d ago )


General_Zod2781d ago


zod is pleased with your loyalty and those who are loyal shall live full lives.

limewax2782d ago (Edited 2782d ago )

Suggest you get used to not having manuals with the push to be more eco friendly. More or less everything you can find in the manual can now be found in the game anyway aside from the help hotline

mightyles2782d ago

I'm an avid Street Fighter fan, and I had my doubts about this game after the medicore MK vs DCU, but they've managed to win me over. Sure I've only played the story mode, and have only played for an hour, but they've done a fantastic job improving the game.

My only quam with it is that there might just be TOO MUCH stuff in it! :)

itsactuallyadam2782d ago (Edited 2782d ago )

I know my review can't appeal to everybody, but surely this game does, cheap menus? long loading times? Are you sure your not playing a different MK game lochdoun? because none of the aforementioned "problems" exists in MK9. In fact the menu was one of the most dynamic i've seen in a while, scorpion vs sub-zero, in the background, killing each other, as you navigate. Pretty original if you ask me.

yes it would have been nice if i could skip the cut-scenes, but you can hardly hold that against it.

LOOK_AT_THIS_I2781d ago

this lochdown d bag is spamming this in every MK review, beginning to think his sorry ass is a capcom salesman

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crofterz2782d ago

Dear god, the comments left by antauwnehart and lochdoun are absolutely laughable. The lack of a "proper" manual is a modern trend within all games, it's far more eco friendly and thoroughly rectified by the BRILLIANT tutorials the game boasts (seriously, I never knew how to do a single fatality in ANY MK game until this one).

Now I can only speak for myself, but i've played king of the hill, lobbies, one on ones, private matches, hardly any lag whatsoever, so you guys must still be on 56K or some shizz.

And criticizing a game for its inability to skip cutscenes and the look of its loading screens is being a tad too picky don't you think? Especially since the game itself is very pretty (if visceral violence could be deemed so).


maxmill2782d ago

yea mk9 is the best whats new?