IGN - Hypebuster: Nintendo's Next Console

IGN - Will Nintendo bring back the hardcore crowd? Filter out the hype surrounding Nintendo's Project Cafe.

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Shok2759d ago

A healthy article, though I tasted a bit of Nintendo-hate, but still healthy nonetheless.

MaxXAttaxX2759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

First of all, Nintendo needs a new online system.
The friend code stuff needs to go away. A free PSN-like system is all it needs and would easily appeal to the masses and create a community. With their own Nintendo touch of course.

And second, they really need to start focusing more on supporting real games rather than gimmicky games(not to bash all casual games).
Make motion controls secondary and focus on games more.

They can do it. And I hope they do.

Solidestchimp2759d ago

I agree with the online i will not even be buying there next console if they dont sort there online side out it needs a real online like psn/xbl

gii bro2759d ago

Like PSN so it can get hacked? OK

ChickeyCantor2759d ago

"Make motion controls secondary and focus on games more. "

Its what sold the Wii the most, how backwards is your logic?

MaxXAttaxX2759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

I don't think you understood what I meant.
Motion controls won't have the same impact next-gen, as "analysts" may say and makes sense to a certain extent.

But even if that wasn't true, look at what the casual motion control focus has done for the Wii. Sure, it's a success when it comes to numbers.
But as gamers...walk up to the Wii section of any store. Look at all the games. We really need more core support and more third party games that I can actually take seriously.

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Lamarthedancer2759d ago

"It's also a sticking point with gamers who have since sided with Sony (when their network is up, anyway) and Microsoft for that very reason"

"Sony (when their network is up, anyway)"

Any need IGN

admiralthrawn872759d ago

crap article. though 99% of them are these days. seems like IGN picks their employees from the depths of N4G fanboy hell

Brasi822759d ago

I will sum the article up in one word. Horrible.

jacksonmichael2759d ago

I kind of feel like the same people who complain about friend codes are the people that are causing the trend away from turn-based games... Putting in effort doesn't cause cancer.