Kotaku: North America, Read The 40GB PS3 Press Release

Kotaku reports: "For those who enjoy reading press releases, we've got *gasp* a press release! Make that the full release about the non-BC 40GB PLAYSTATION 3 that is slated for North America. It's out November 2nd. Alright, who's buying?"

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PimpHandHappy4075d ago

i wonder if it says that on the box

non BC40GB

i have my 60GB so im not buying. I will be buying a buttload of games thou in the month of Nov.

feejo4075d ago (Edited 4075d ago )

What would be US reaction to
- 40gb without BC, but low price.
- 80gb lower price (include a game) with BC
- 60gb SAME price (no game so far) with BC.
- What would be Xbox reply.
- Woud US leave 40Gb on shelve like UK and grab 60gb?
- Would Sony Spider-Man 3 drive sales, would a game be a better idea for the 40gb
- Would there be 2 games with the 60gb? NO

unsunghero284075d ago

Is there a 60GB price drop? Really?

If that's not confirmed then it's not true, IMO. The 60GB is probably worth easily as much as the 80Gb because of its BC, and there are probably very few 60GBs left, so Sony doesn't have all that much to gain by dropping the price.

And yes, I will buy a PS3. I'm still debating over 40GB or 80GB (or 60GB now apparently) though, so not for a little while.

Daver4075d ago

If i were you i would get the 40gb one... personnaly im not playing ps2 games on my ps3... you wont want to play ps2 games after playing ps3 anyway :)

titntin4075d ago

I have to agree with you!

I thought Backwards compatability was going to be big thing for me, but once you have a few PS3 games, there's no point in playing PS2 titles, and I never do. Talking with other PS3 users, it seems I'm not in the minority on this..

I've just listed 24 PS2 titles on ebay to make some shelf space for more PS3 titles (and few more 360 ones).

I may have a 60 gig with PS2 compatability, but it might as well be the 40 gig without... :)

Kleptic4075d ago

exact same thing for me...

it was really important when the PS3 launched for me...had several PS2/PS1 games, but no longer had a PS2...since then, I have played probably 2 hours total using the BC abilities...I will probably play through MGS2 and 3 before MGS 4 comes out...but other than that, I probably wouldn't miss it...

I guess its nice though because I will also purchase that PS2 version of TM: Head On when it that franchise...but I don't know...if the not having BC would have saved me 200 bucks at the time, I definitely would have went without it...

Tsalagi4075d ago

The 60GB was good at launch and leading up to this holiday season because the full BC let you play your PS2 games since there really weren't that many PS3 games available. Now that some good PS3 games are coming out i doubt that many people will be buying a PS3 to play PS2 games on it.

Scythesean4075d ago

I'll be getting one I know that, I already have a 60gig just need an extra one which will be nice.

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The story is too old to be commented.