TheSixthAxis Review: Virtua Tennis 4 – Move Vs. Kinect

TSA writes "In the war of the tennis franchises, Virtua Tennis has always been a safe haven for those who favour ‘pick up and play’ arcade blasts rather than a deep, tactical control system. Often seen as the series’ strength, it’s also Virtua Tennis’ Achilles heel – how do you improve on something that has been perfected and streamlined? Enter Virtua Tennis 4…

It has been two years since we have seen a Virtua Tennis game, which is an absolute age in the world of sports games. The big deal this year is the addition of Kinect and Move support, and if there is any sport that should benefit from motion control it is tennis.

TSA has managed to get hold of a both a PS3 and Xbox 360 copy of the game and we have pit them head to head in a battle to the death. Blood was spilled, TVs were smashed, and the whole team dressed up in the shortest of shorts to recreate that old school authentic experience."

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Jellzy2784d ago

All i want is to be able to play Virtua Tennis, or any tennis game for that matter, in the same manner I played Table Tennis on Sports Champions.

Move controller for 1:1 mapping and the nav controller for controlling the character/player.

How hard is this? It's motion control is so half ass'd I ain't going to even bother.

rdgneoz32784d ago

Nice that the Move version isn't gesture crap, though sad that its restricted - "to the point where you are only allowed to play exhibition matches in a special motion control mode" :(

iistuii2784d ago

But it's just an afterthought again or you'd be able to do the world tour, which is the main part of the game. I personally wish they'd keep the Kinect & Move games separate, like M$ & Sony started doing in the beginning.

Lindsey2784d ago

Table Tennis on Sports Champions is perfection. I love it so much. I really hope they make Sports Champions 2 and have online matchmaking.

Redempteur2784d ago

The problem that arrive with this control scheme is HOw to properly judge distances and move while preparing the EXACT movement on your hand required ..

this is the reason nobody's doing it so far's very hard to do and very restrictive.

baodeus2784d ago

so just a question.

If move is truely 1:1 mapping (respond exactly to every movement from your arm, wrist, etc...), does that mean you guys can really beat ping pong or tennis champion?

Redempteur2784d ago

move is really 1:1 mapping .. it's quite clear when you try sports champions ..

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IHateYouFanboys2784d ago

Wow, one of the biggest ps fanboys sites says that the ps3 version of a game is better AND rubbishes their competitions much more successful motion control system. <sarcasm>Colour me surprised</sarcasm>

whateva2784d ago

that's not that much more successful Kinect had a very good start with all the marketing but it's slowing down & it's time for them to put out some good games to keep the sells going

DigitalRaptor2784d ago

Someone making assumptions when they haven't read the article or author's comments.

Dan Lee (author): "I’ve not had an issue with Kinect before, but in this instance Move gives it a right spanking."

kikizoo2783d ago

Wow, one of the biggest X fanboy don't know in 2011 that move is more accurate, and usefull for real game than kinect.

don't blame sites who only repeat the same truth every review.

gamer78042784d ago

Pretty much what I expected as well, it's a ps3 gaming site after all.

tudors2784d ago

AllI know is table tennis in Kinect Sports works perfectly, poor design this i'm afraid.

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