Chrono Trigger Rated, North American Release on the Cards

Nintendo Life writes "Sixteen years after its original release, Chrono Trigger makes the jump from the past to the present, launching on the Virtual Console so that a new generation of gamers can enjoy the acclaimed role-playing game from the Super Nintendo era."

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CrzyFooL2784d ago

Best reason to get a Wii. Unless you're like me and still have your original SNES cartridge and game guide sealed in it's box! #LikeABoss

Menech2784d ago

If it's still sealed what use is it to you as a gamer?

It's more a collectors item.

Highatus2784d ago

Still got mine as well but not sealed, may get this as well to add to the original and the One I got for the DS. This is great for people that have never played it, like my buddy that's never checked it out (for shame) since he has a great snes/nes library. Gunna let him know now there is no excuse.

KillerPwned2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

O shit i forgot this came out for virtual console!

I will buy it right away on VC and get it on PSN then.

antauwnehart2784d ago

Meh! The indusrty is flooded with enough shovelware games like this!

Christopher2784d ago

I have never heard of Chrono Trigger refered to as shovelware before.

NukaCola2784d ago

The term 'Shovelware' must mean "Greatest game ever made" in Australian or something.

sh0ryuu2784d ago

W...what? How is Chrono Trigger shovelware? Let me guess, you've never played Chrono Trigger and you don't know what it is, so now you're just assuming it's some random shovelware game.

kagon012784d ago

There is a DS version, there is no necessity to own a Wii for it...

NukaCola2784d ago

Also coming to PSN. Probably XBLA too.

ReservoirDog3162784d ago

Wait, you're not getting it confused with Chrono Cross?

Never played this or FFVI so I'm waiting for both on whichever console.

NukaCola2784d ago

I think I am actually. But I thought I read that the PS One version of Chrono Trigger was coming to the PS Store. From the Chronicles collection that came with Final Fantasy IV. I might of been mistaken.

clearelite2784d ago

No thanks, I'll stick with the DS version. Nice "gesture" though...