Mortal Kombat's Krappiest Kharacters ~ The Sony Geniuses

After doing a full Mortal Kombat Kountdown for Neither Realm's latest project, it is time to watch a video of the ones that shall be remembered, as the worst Mortal Kombat Kharacters. Check after the break for the video!

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Army_of_Darkness2781d ago

Faakin striker! I hate him then and i hate him even more now!

DistrictMime2781d ago

I want to see rain as dlc.

nathanhale2781d ago

lol @ the Ed Boon with the unibrow

CobraKai2781d ago

I always hated Hsu Hao.

I never noticed until the new MK game came out but the character designs for the last gen MKs sucked!!!

Masterchef20072781d ago

To me the guy in the motioncapture suit has got to be the worst. But what happend to Montaro doesnt make any sense at all. I mean jees how does he go from centaur to 2 legged man.
Nice video it game me a good laugh.

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The story is too old to be commented.