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"In time, fire will fade... and only Dark will remain"

In 2009 video gamers were reminded just how spoiled we are getting with games these days. A relatively unknown game, Demon's Souls reared it's ugly head and put us in our place. The unpredented diffulty level drew in hoards of gamers who wanted to test the skills against the most unrelenting game to hit the market in years. From sleeper hit to full blown Greatest Hit, Demon's Souls is getting a successor this fall and you can bet your bottom dollar it is going to be just as hard. Enter Dark Souls.

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xabmol2759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )


And I believe that just as much as I believe everything else the corporate media/government says.

I don't understand why everyone is so happy about his (supposed) death. What did it change? Is the war over now? Pffft...

Oh, and BTW, Dark Souls makes me GIDDY AS A SCHOOL GIRL!!

Seriously; it's up there with TLG on my most wanted. Leaving UC3 a distant third.

iWishTifaWasReal2759d ago

exactly, the death of Bin Laden will never ease up the pain. idk why people at Ground Zero are all celebrating.

frjoethesecond2756d ago

For me UC3 is second to Dark Souls.

Tex1172759d ago

Easily my most anticpated game of the year.

That is saying alot this year.