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BestBuy Will Install PS3 Version of Portal 2 For You

It seems that BestBuy's programs are getting a little out of hand these days. A shopper took a picture of the PlayStation 3 version of Portal 2 and was amazed at what the store BestBuy was offering consumers. (Portal 2, PS3)

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Hitman0769  +   1328d ago
Thank god some one is around for these complex things.
WildArmed  +   1328d ago
Aye, next thing you know you have to play the game yourself!

Thank God for Best buy.
flankhim  +   1328d ago
Hopefully they can fix my ps3. It keeps saying its under maintenance. :(
Soldierone  +   1328d ago
Nah Bestbuy cant help you with anything thats actually complicated....unless you pay a couple hundred bucks.

Oh and dont mind them snooping around all your personal information and stealing anything worthwhile. I know several people that got their entire music library that way....
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MaxXAttaxX  +   1328d ago
The worst part is that Portal 2 doesn't even require an install.
Mikeyy  +   1328d ago

SHHHHH, people arent supposed to know that ;)
RBLAZE1988  +   1328d ago
I don't even know what this means. This is def for the lowest common denominator. What a waste. This means that some idiots are gonna lug their ps3's in for no reason. What a waste and dumbass people will fall for it too.
cgoodno  +   1328d ago
But... Portal 2 doesn't require an install... *confused*
Tired  +   1328d ago
Could be a crafty employee stealing the codes for pc/mac downloads.

Quick way to make a buck.
GLoRyKnoT  +   1328d ago
Great news! Cuz i got it today but can't get the plastic off :/ I'll call them in the morning. Thanks
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mugoldeneagle03  +   1328d ago
I don't know if this is select Best Buys?
But the one I work at doesn't do this for games at all...And haven't since I've been there. We do offer Installation/Update for GPS units, but that covers the USB charge cable as well. We even do E-Reader updates and stuff like that for free sometimes as well

First time I've seen this though..

EDIT: Comment way below says those same cases are used for PC software. Makes sense now.
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xAlmostPro  +   1328d ago
Im not saying this doesn't seem dumb, however.

Remember the PS3 version has steamworks and alot of people have actually had issues setting it up and connecting to the PC steam account also..(before PSN went down) just saying, that's probably what the install means.

However i dont really care, we don't have gamestop over here
vash0027  +   1328d ago
well now whats next best buy is going to start selling game saves
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Zydake  +   1328d ago
Wow i thought there was no installation for Portal 2 anyways lol
helghast102  +   1328d ago
UltimateIdiot911  +   1328d ago
That's not all, Best Buy also offer protection/warranty against scratch PS3 disc. (I'm serious.)
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Raptura  +   1328d ago
So does GameStop.. What's your point?
helghast102  +   1328d ago
Anyone that falls for these scams probably deserve it.. my god Best Buy are ridiculous.
Blu-Ray Discs are damn near impossible to break, short of snapping them in half.
I literally keyed and put a knife to one of my shitty games and it still worked, they're that goddamn durable
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knowledge4lfe  +   1328d ago
whenever i buy from best buy and they ask if i want to buy the protective plan and tell them there is no point. blu-ray disc are damn near unscratchable. and they always look at me with a stupid face and say "really?i didn't know that" idiots
Mikeyy  +   1328d ago

Blu-rays are almost unscratchable...

They have protective layers, you live under a rock?
maxcer  +   1328d ago
who scratches disc's in the first place? unless your a 6yr old kid that throws his collection of games around the living room I don't see the argument.
mugoldeneagle03  +   1328d ago
And....Your point?
It's only $5.99 for games and guarantee's you a replacement for a year.

And you wanna know the best part about it? It's completely optional. So your allowed to say "No" to it if your asked...
evercast  +   1328d ago
How many of these do we have to go through before the Best buy employee comes up and says "It was on the case that the game is in we don't install games." I think we see one of these at least once a month.
Shmotz  +   1328d ago
According to a buddy who used to work at Best Buy they just reuse some of the PC games plastic cases with the sticker over the console games. Still amusing.
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MuseManMike  +   1328d ago
THIS. Confirmed re-used case on reddit a few hours ago. It's amazing what gets approved.
MrBeatdown  +   1328d ago
Agreed. It's obvious the sticker is old. It's all worn out. Someone just didn't peel the sticker off.

I'm amazed that the people who approved this couldn't figure that out on their own.
gcolley  +   1328d ago
lets all confirm the obvious
Raptura  +   1328d ago
That's exactly it.

And I love Shmotz, btw. Mushroomhead ftw. That was my Xbox Gamertag for so long.
Ethereal  +   1328d ago
You got it. The cases used to house ram and other installable pc product are reused in gaming. Best Buy does not "install" portal 2.
Sprud  +   1328d ago
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Raptura  +   1328d ago
When I worked at Best Buy we'd have a low supply of plastic cases, so we'd have to reuse the ones with stickers as well. No one bothered to remove the sticker. This is a simple mistake. ALTHOUGH, I'm sure if someone asked about installing Portal 2 on the PS3, Best Buy would gladly do it for a nice sum of cash.
GamerSciz  +   1328d ago
Can they show me how to beat the puzzles too? Is that included?
Newtype  +   1328d ago
This is a stupid article, what if an employee just left that on the case from a previous install....like something people actually need help with installing.
CrimsonEngage  +   1328d ago
Lazy just hit an all time low.
Bimkoblerutso  +   1328d ago
They've actually been doing this for years. It's just a matter of recycling those plastic cases from when they use them for stuff like PC software. It's really not a big deal.

If you're calling them, asking them to install PS3 software in the first place...they almost deserve your money.
AKS  +   1328d ago
LOL. Anyone too dumb to figure out how to get Portal 2 running isn't getting far in the actual game.
KwietStorm  +   1328d ago
all your funds are belong to us
cb4g  +   1328d ago
kingofhalo2050  +   1328d ago
I work at Best Buy and usually these cases are used for locking up RAM. Obviously for people who don't have knowledge to install RAM, best buy offers service for installing it. What a useless article anyway. Tomorrow i am gonna post this sticker on a memory card and take a picture, and create an article out of it. Seems like a trend nowadays
R34L_CRiTiC4L  +   1328d ago
Well said I 100% agree with you
nightmarex121  +   1328d ago
Take picture from reddit give no credit stay classy n4g.
Too_many_games  +   1328d ago
i walked over to geek squad and then....my mom Fked me..right there at Best buy...my mom Fked me!!!
IGAMEHARD  +   1328d ago
best buy > gamestop
Prototype  +   1328d ago
Amazon > Best Buy, GameStop
L6RD7BLU3  +   1328d ago
*sigh* sounds it all
earbus  +   1328d ago
They just want your details to hack dont trust em.
AXOi  +   1328d ago
Okay so these people don't have a clue how to install the game... How will they ever get passed the first puzzle?
UltimateIdiot911  +   1328d ago
That's easy they will hire a local kid to help beat the levels.
PS360PCROCKS  +   1328d ago
I used to work at Best Buy and some of the stuff they force you to push is moronic. But believe it or not these offers aren't best buy trying to screw you. The stuff they offer is legitimate shit customers ask for. People are really intimidated by technology. Best buy takes advantage of you, yes, but stupid people cause them to offer stupid services. I mean you know many memory cards i had to SHOW and install on a camera? All I can think is "you really don't know this?"
CobraKai  +   1328d ago
It's funny. Core gamers know exactly what to do to install a game. Casuals prolly don't care. So who are they trying to fool?
ramiuk1  +   1328d ago
xbox update service
didnt they used to charge for you to update your xbox if u didnt have xbox live or something.
people must ask for it,otherwise they wouldnt do it
niminator  +   1328d ago
So what's to install!

Oh you mean put the disc in my ps3, oh I didn't know you could do that. Wow, technology is amazing.
panicprone77  +   1328d ago
They aren't installing Portal 2 for you. They use those cases for everything, it was a sticker from pc software. How stupid can people be?
WeaseL  +   1328d ago
Maybe the steam version you get with it
CaulkSlap  +   1328d ago
I remember seeing those stickers on freaking Gamecube games.
dead_eye  +   1328d ago
Where are all the American politician's on this one.
R34L_CRiTiC4L   1328d ago | Personal attack | show
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