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MMGN writes: Operation Flashpoint has a long standing reputation of delivering a brutal experience, all in an attempt to capture the true nature of modern warfare. Standing up in a genre that is spearheaded by the unmovable Call of Duty, is there still a place for this hardened series? Building on the mechanics established in previous iterations of the series, while managing to make the game more accessible ensures that Operation Flashpoint: Red River is a solid experience despite its shortcomings.

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Gaetano2759d ago

Not as good as Dragon Rising.

bumnut2758d ago

Dragon Rising was a terrible game, but you are correct.

k4rma2758d ago

I disagree on both points. Since i'm really tired of the repetitive run & gun CoD & BF clones, I quite enjoyed Dragon Rising. If your're a console gamer and you like shooters to be authentic and with some realism, but not a full on ArmA style soldier simulation then you'll like Red River. And imo its a lot better than Dragon Rising, its faster paced with some of the biggest battles ive seen on a console. It really captures the feeling of being in a war, like no other game has before. Its a great game.

CatGlue2759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

how many of these are there?

wow, fighting with china!!

hellerphant2758d ago

This is the third in the series, although the previous two did have expansions.

2758d ago