News Corp.’s IGN Buys Hearst’s UGO In Preparation For Game Site Spin-Off

News Corp., which is getting ready to part with MySpace, is now prepping a move for another one of its big Web properties.

The media conglomerate plans to spin out its dudes-and-games site, and is bulking up in advance by acquiring Hearst’s dudes-and-games-centric

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Ahasverus2698d ago

And Gamestop bought IGn so Gamestop will now be 1up's owner too. I'm scared, I don't know who to trust anymore

Washington-Capitals2698d ago (Edited 2698d ago )

Bin Laden is dead. Go TO NEWS CHANNEL NOW!

Yeah, i do believe this is a hoax myself. Many people have reported before He was killed long time ago during the civil fighting in Pakistan. I doubt they found him alive. There is more to this story than is being reported.

KeiserSosay47882698d ago

@ Washington

I saw it too!!!!
Although its obviously good that the head of the snake has been cut, you have to wonder if they just shot him or if they just found a skeleton buried and said "Hey, its Bin Laden!"

cool cole2698d ago

Gamespot never bought IGN, they just teamed up to be on the same network.

Sillyace922698d ago

no cool cole is right, Gamestop never bought IGN. They just teamed up for an advertisement deal.

Ahasverus2698d ago

My bad then, I could swear it :( :facepalm:

starchild2698d ago

And in other news....Osama Bin Laden has been confirmed to have been killed.

Forbidden_Darkness2698d ago

Even though this comment is completely off topic, I am so glad that he has finally been killed.

swishersweets200312698d ago

i really could care less the fall guy got caught

WesMcLaren2698d ago

Gamestop and IGN just have a deal to run ads on eachother's sites. Nobody bought anyone!

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Hockeydud192698d ago

OFF TOPIC: But Osama Bin Laden was killed! Just heard about it on the news.

ON TOPIC: No idea IGN was making 10 million a year. That's nuts.

Ahasverus2698d ago

#off-topic 1: Really man? :O

Hockeydud192698d ago

Ya check CNN they got his body!

LOGICWINS2698d ago

LOL, and they had a headline about PSN coming back right under where it says "Osama bin laden is dead". I swear to God lol.

dktxx22698d ago (Edited 2698d ago )

Ya and he's still screwing with us Americans. I'm missing the Simpsons because of that bastard.

P.S. My news station's headline read "Obama Bin Laden," hehe

2698d ago Replies(1)

Osama is dead, so Obama could be reelected in 2012.

NYC_Gamer2698d ago

they will ruin 1up in my opinion

2698d ago
ALFAxD_CENTAURO2698d ago (Edited 2698d ago )

I pray for 1UP Authors to not be converted into biased Journalism.

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