EU PlayStation Store Update - October 18th

The European PlayStation Store has been updated with the following:

PSOne Games:
CTR: Crash Team Racing
Everybody's Golf 2
Syphon Filter 3

DW: Gundam

Uncharted - The Inspiration
Alien Versus Predator Blu-Ray Movie Trailer

Lair Good Dragon
Lair Bad Dragon

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krackchap3901d ago

where the f**k is my pes08 demo SCEE

Lt Roy Mustang3901d ago

agreed. how long more for that demo?

jromao3901d ago

The PES demo, even with all that bad opinions, should be out already, next week game will be released, so why Konami send demo to Sony ??

Sony did a bad move here.

PS. And this week euro PSN update is poor as never before.

PS3 Limps on and on3901d ago

I honestly just simply think they don't want people to play it till it's actually out. Kills the hype.

THE_JUDGE3901d ago

slow week at the EU PSN store. Yea I know, your all pissed you didn't get PES 2008 demo. Well maybe next week. What I don't get is how Konami says that the PS3 is the lead platform and yet were last to get the demo?? WTF

Rama262853901d ago

Nothing to see here.... move along.....

(btw, those wallpapers are not new for this week, they were released last week)

Siesser3901d ago

Does anyone know if any of the PS1 titles integrate online play? Because I would re-purchase Crast Team Racing (still own my original PS1 copy) if it meant I could play it over PSN. Best kart racer ever.

jay33901d ago

Dude! Mario Kart 64, man!

Siesser3901d ago

Strong contender, but CTR reigns supreme in my book. Had an awesome boosting system, and the tracks were pretty decent.

The Swordsman3901d ago

CTR is also my favourite kart game, if not my favourite racing game ever. The tracks were well designed, I quite liked the soundtrack and there was so much to unlock.

Caxtus7503901d ago

I a also agree. CTR was the best multiplayer game of that generation!

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deadshark13901d ago

yea last week was the wallpapers and this update sucks

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The story is too old to be commented.