PSN: Welcome Home

NextGN writes: "It just dawned on me the other day exactly how much the PlayStation Network means to me. As pathetic and nerdy as this my sound, my heart skipped a beat and a tear of joy formed in my eye when I read a very misleading article on the Internet. The child within went frantic and, foolishly, instead of reading the article I went straight to my PlayStation 3 and tried to log on--but, it didn't work. So, I went back to the article to see what the hell was up and realized the author was just wishing that it was back online. My heart was broken--but it wont be for much longer."

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godmoney2784d ago

Actually this feels more like a PlayStation Plus ad than anything else...

IGAMEHARD2784d ago

psn isnt a service, its a lifestyle

nitrogav2784d ago

This is a bit clever on Sony's part , just think about it . If say 50 million psn users take Sony up on their GIFT for a month , that's going to be a lot of downloaded games and things on a lot of playstations . Could be a big chunk of that 50 million sign up for a 6 months or a year on playstation + just to play what they have downloaded . Maybe Sony should have made the premium service free for a month for everyone right at the start !! . Very clever Sony , really smart on your part .